Monrovia – The coerced peace that emerged in 2003 when the women of Liberia stood tall in Accra amid solid backing from the international community was essentially about silencing the guns. A Transitional Government was installed, which was programmed to pave the way for the conduct of free and fair elections in the homeland. Those elections were held and the United Nations deployed its single largest blue helmets in the world (15,000) troops ever at the time.

We have since enjoyed some semblance of peace while we face the most treacherous human security; the lack of jobs that compromises humanity’s independence. A little over 12 years that saw two successive elections conducted, the matrix of insecurity beyond those 12 years is becoming worrisome daily. 

Ritualistic killings are inundating the headlines across the media landscape nearly every day. When the incompetent Chief of Police took to a public radio, he blamed the spate of ritualistic killings on some inventive pretext and that the killings were politically motivated. Strange, isn’t it, that a Chief of Police in the land would become overtly partisan in his public utterance as it were when precious lives are being gruesomely murdered? Such is what we get when ‘vagabonds are in power.’  Mind you, the same Patrick Sudue showed up in Pleebo and narrated how he lost a brother as a result of ritualistic killing in Maryland. So, Sudue has soon forgotten the pain and agony of ordinary people let alone his brother who was brutishly killed in cold blood.

Enraged by the aura of incessant insecurity, comrade Leader, Geeplay Cabral Cherbo of the Progressive Action Front (PAF) wrote furiously in a Facebook post: Okay, so we are lobbying for this Millennial show-off, to bring hard currency and tourists to the country, (cannot help it where we hear you comparing Liberia to Ghana) but more so, the black diaspora to rebrand Liberia by our so-called political elites — the news is that: we are the ritualistic capital of the world! Add dirty city/country and worst imaginable traffic or electricity! Good luck with your so-called REBRANDING & MILLENNIAL Jamboree!”  Thank you comrade Leader! Why commit so much energy toward a jamboree when filth, insecurity, bad governance and lawlessly are the order of the day? 

In times like these, too many of our leaders have become dumbfounded! They carry fear in the DNA about speaking truth to power and agitating against the ills of our society. We wish to coincidentally salute the Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP) that in spite of the odds and vicissitudes of life remains consistently unperturbed in challenging bad governance, corruption, and patronage system. We cannot leave out those amazing and resilient voices such as Martin K.N. Kollie et al who continue to remain objectively congruous in the fight for social justice, accountability, probity, and transparency.

Amid the rampaging ritualistic killings of innocent and defenseless Liberians, our leaders seem to be rooted in a state of nonchalance. The governors are already screwing up and find themselves in a clueless mood with no solution in sight. The opposition that should be proactive to hold the government’s feet to the fire is consumed by some nonsense brouhaha now infamously dubbed as FA. If the people have lost faith in the governors and are beginning to think the same about what should have been a viable alternative, God forbid what manner of country are we inheriting?

The government’s perpetual insensitivity to the looming insecurity seriously biting ordinary Liberians in the country versus a nonchalant and docile opposition that expects to inherit power on a silver platter – should compel Liberians to begin to think critically of a third force. Anything to the contrary is untenable!

Main photo: Ekena Wesley

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