The Liberia Football Association (LFA) has named Heaven Eleven goalkeeper Teddy Kollie as the male best goalkeeper for the 2020/2021 Orange national league. 

The LFA has also apologized to Nimba Kwado goalkeeper Mohammed Kanu, who was named as the best goalkeeper at the LFA 2021 awards ceremony at the ministerial complex in Congo Town on 2 October, for any inconvenience it may have caused him or the club.  

In a letter to the two clubs on 6 October, LFA secretary-general Isaac Montgomery said records from the competitions department showed that Kollie kept the cleanest sheets, which was the sole criterion for the winner.    

Kollie played 25 games, kept 15 clean sheets, and conceded 14 goals in the Orange second division while Kanu played 19 games, kept 12 clean sheets, and conceded 12 goals in the Orange first division.  

Heaven Eleven was promoted to the Orange first division, having won the Orange second division title in June. Source: Smart News Liberia

Main photo: Teddy Kollie

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