Isaac TukpahOp-ed 

Does Isaac Tukpah have it to be a chief of Staff for Alexander Cummings and the ANC? 


By Edward Doe, Opinion Columnist 


The Editor,

I am shocked that Alexander Cummings and the ANC would select the political vagabond Isaac Tukpah as the party Chief of Staff (COS). This is indeed an error in judgment by Cummings.  And for this, I am beginning to question Cummings judgment? If Isaac Tukpah is the best in our community that Mr. Cummings can tap, I suggest that Mr. Cummings take a good evaluation of his decision-making process and judgments.

First and foremost,  academics should not be the guidepost for such a decision. Secondly, it should not be based on sentiments and sympathies.

Isaac Tukpah does not have the credentials, withal, skill-set, and experience to be the COS. Mr. Tukpah is not organized, efficient and effective. One does not have to look far to point at Mr. Tukpah’s leadership as the owner of Kendejah Bar and Restaurant, that DC government shut down due to nonpayment of sales and use tax and president of several Liberian organizations that failed under his leadership. Mr. Tukpah is not people-oriented and objective and lacks the communication skills necessary as the COS to deal with different personality types. It would also be helpful if Mr. Tukpah have the ability to think ahead and catch problems before they arise. But, he does not.

edward doe
Edward Doe, columnist

Above all else, a COS (chief of staff) must be willing to use his/her power and influence to lead from behind. Can Mr. Tukpah do that? That’s a thunderous NO!   Because Mr. Tukpah is quite the contrary. His arrogance always gets the best of him. And as such, he would want to outshine Mr. Cummings and attempt to lead from the front. That was the issue with him as a CDC member which cost him greatly.

This is a mistaken choice. Mr. Tukpah adds no value to ANC nor does he bring the skill-set and experience required for the position. Moreover, Mr. Tukpah’s is disruptive. His arrogance would be the leading factor for the disruption which might lead to party in-house fights and bring about a divide and distrust and distraction in ANC.


Main Photo: Isaac Tukpah

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