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The Public and Private Sectors Must Reward Our Olympians!



The Liberian Listener, will like to take this time to congratulate the Liberian Olympic team that represented the country to the Tokyo 2020 fiesta currently underway in the Asian nation of Japan.

The Editorial board especially thank hurdler Ebony Morrison, sprinter Joseph Fahnbulleh, and team captain Emmanuel Matadi. These Liberians put the country first and went all out to compete for our nation, without demanding anything, nor asking anyone or our national government for per diems or monetary contributions as they raised the flag.

The Liberian Listener notes with pride the generosity and kindness of global designer Telfar Clemens, and the GoTeamLiberia crew especially Manseen Logan, and Madeah Addy. What a superb job you both did to expose Liberian athletes and bring pride to our nation. The Listener is grateful for these efforts— this is what nation-building is about when citizens seized the opportunity and give to their country, inspiring new heights and challenging the status quo, in an era when mediocrity beclouds the nation-state.

The Liberian Olympic Team has opened a new chapter of excellence in our nation’s history: that we can individually and collectively give and render our services to our country, because we love the country, and won’t just go around saying how much one loves a country, only when it is politically expedient to do so!

The Liberian Listener is calling on the government of Liberia, to invite our athletes to the Executive Mansion for official thanksgiving and also appropriately reward the team, with cash bonuses, other perks, and or find corporate deals and sponsorships for our Olympic team.

Every Major politician both in the ruling establishment and the opposition has spoken highly of the team but especially the heroic exploits of youthful 200 meters sprinting phenom, Joseph Fahnbulleh— who could have easily represented the United States, but switched his loyalty and allegiance to Liberia, a highly commendable act of patriotism—the Liberian Listener, will also take this time to thank the families of our Olympians, for their sacrifices and love for country.

The Liberian Listener hopes the call to reward our Olympic team does not fall on death ears—-we anticipate, the ruling elites and the private sector will rise to the occasion and give these Olympians their just but befitting rewards, ‘all hail, one nation indivisible, in union strong’!


Main Photo: Ebony Morrison, Olympian

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