Unarguably, there's a very critical few of our gullible generation who sees merit as the sincerest tool to morally fulfill the prophecy of man's indebtedness to transform his understanding and society. We have held sacred those deep Hegelian dialectics the, moral and spiritual decadence, wide-scale violence, economic hardships, complacency, stunning poverty, conflicts, a buckled education system, paralyzed health system, vilified cultural configuration, gullible youths, unprepared menfolk, and the monstrous intransigent vices of capitalism.Op-ed 

The dystopia our Republic has become: Dr. H. Boimah Fahnbulleh greets progressives in the land


Cadres, Militants and Compatriots, and Brothers Greetings

For us, this is just another day when one considers the deaths of our compatriots in the Fatherland due to the pandemic. This is tragic and shows the dystopia our Republic has become. From the Ebola crisis and the help of the international community, we should have been able to put in place a decent primary health care system to address some of the problems of today and mitigate the calamity; but instead like vultures, the leadership dug its fangs into the funds at NOCAL and the domestic debts at the Ministry of Finance. Around 39 million dollars disappeared from NOCAL and we were told that we take responsibility! At the Ministry of Finance, a little IT cadre was sent there as Minister to preside over the massive looting of the Commonwealth. In the same vein, a kid with a degree in political science was sent to the Ministry of Public Works to superintend over the millions promised by the international lending institutions for the construction of roads. All this in the face of the collapse of the health system by 2017! And we saw no auditing by the new arrivals on the pedestal of political power!!

We are where we are because of the neglect of the main pillars of societal transformation: health, education, housing for the people, food security, and the transformation of the rural communities. Within the circle of caretakers brought in after 2005, we had dishwashers, low down clerks and bank tellers brought in from the Diaspora. From the background of wage laborers in the Diaspora, we saw the theft of the people’s resources, the granting of concessions to fraudsters and the arrogant rejection of pieces of advice to move the country forward! The pattern continues today. And so after many years of governance, with dilapidated structures and a people disappointed with lackluster political mobilization, power was given to political toddlers, little kids hardly out of grade school, and the Republic was cast into the wilderness of “trial and error.” These are the little fellows who, having no understanding of why patriots struggled in the past, cast aspersions on our heroic efforts!

We have no time to dignify their childish ranting. In our life, we have fought against political giants and supposedly big men and women in our country. We will not bring ourselves down to argue with infants, barely out of the cribs of political life! For us, we continue to walk along the pathway of our imagination, upright and focused, our eyes on the goal that illumines justice, democracy and equality! For charlatans who think that stupendous wealth stolen and raked from the broken backs of the people can give honor and dignity, we say that you are unconsciously living in a paradise of fools. The people want wealth to survive, even if they get it from convicted felons, conmen and carpetbaggers within the Republic and from the Diaspora, but they shower honor and dignity on those who fight for just causes! Our people now watch with bewilderment the irresponsible attitude of the older political generation which out of fear of the consequences of its prevarication, trickery, asset stripping and outright betrayal of the Republic’s glorious history, orchestrated the passing of power to boys and girls.

The Attacks on me

The attacks on me do not interest me one bit. I know that these fellows are completely ignorant of my stance throughout my life. I have never believed in the accumulation of private property. I do not envy those who do or accumulate as long as they do not do so with the people’s taxes and resources. In short, I am not impressed with accumulation by rogues and con men. I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit as this has been a motivating force in human progress and societal advancement. I have formed my beliefs over the decades by observing and studying Africa. What semi-literates say about my lack of a house or accumulated wealth do not move me one bit. In life we make choices when we are responsible and conscious. The choices I have made were not forced upon me but were taken after a conscious reflection on the state of Africa.

I did not come from a poor background to be obsessed with wealth and private accumulation. I leave such worldly delusions for the wretched of the earth who, growing up, endured the pains of hunger, deprivation and humiliation that they internalized their miserable conditions with the fixation on gentrification and opulence, hoping to impress their “so-called” superiors that they have reached “civilized status” and therefore must not be treated like those they left behind. It is this psychological albatross that is responsible for the derangement in the human mind which must be combated with the development of a new consciousness. This is the task. This is the historical responsibility. In this undertaking, ‘many are called but few are chosen.’

All responsible parents know that it is very dangerous to give a loaded gun with the safety off to kids! What about power in the hands of adolescents without ideas, experience and the passion for service? In the case of the gun, the kids can wound and kill a few people but in the case of power in the hands of toddlers, millions suffer and unborn generations will bear the scars of the present mismanagement, ineptitude and vulgar display of stolen wealth. The mindset being created that power once taken is meant to accumulate rapaciously sends dangerous signals to criminals and brigands! The Commonwealth belongs to the people and not to cliques, cabals and old men and women without any history of struggling for anything communally noble! It is this mindset of racketeers and economic vandals that harps on the theme of constructing houses! We are not constructors of houses but constructors of the minds of men and women to move our Republic forward. From our background, we have houses in abundance from our parents. There is no need to prove anything. One must have a pretty low opinion of oneself to think that houses confer on one honor and dignity, especially those built and bought through stealing from the public purse. Any fool can build a house by plundering when in public service. We do not come from this breed! We now dismiss with utter scorn the idle ranting of those empty barrels with the words of that giant of literature from Chile, Pablo Neruda (1904–1973):

“Those who experienced this story, this death and the resurrection of our bereaved hope,

those who chose combat and saw the flag rise, we know that the most quiet

were our only heroes and that after the victories came

the vociferous

with mouths full of arrogance and salivary boasts.

The people nodded their heads:

and the hero returns to his silence.

But the silence was dressed in mourning until we drowned in grief…”

Revolutionary embrace to all nationalistic compatriots, cadres, militants and comrades!! This Republic of Blyden, Edwin Barclay, Juah Nimley, Raymond Horace, Nete Sir Brownell, Du Fahnbulleh, Wiwi Debrah, Wuo Garbie Tapia, and those in the category of fighters for justice, dignity, and honor will endure long after the swift passage of the fireflies of vulgar luxury, empty showmanship, prison inmates from the Diaspora who now desecrate our people’s Legislature and the other historical masqueraders are pushed onto the dump heap of historical condemnation! Salute comrades. Keep faith with the people!! Best wishes.


The above piece was written and addressed to progressive comrades by Dr. H. Boimah Fahnbulleh on the occasion of his birthday which came in July this year


Main Photo: Dr. H. Boimah Fahnbulleh Jr.

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