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A Cultural Hub In The Heart of Dallas: Monrovia Lounge Reopens

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When relentless but powerful storm and rain turned into an uncontrollable flood that pummeled Texas and surrounding states a few months ago, little did anyone expect that much of the southeastern United States, that produced the powerful winds would also affect the Monrovia Lounge—an enterprising Liberian business, which got damaged severely by the catastrophe. The damage was so extensive, according to the owners that, resurrecting the restaurant took all the resolve and energy they could gather to open their doors again.

The Monrovia Lounge was begun according to the couples: Princess Wreh and Fermi Williams with a mission to explore and expose the rich cuisines of the West African state of Liberia, This move has brought diners from far, and near to the Lounge, as it imports Liberian culture and food. It so happened, “After Chef Wreh’s completion of culinary school, she wanted to [introduce] Liberian foods professionally,” to the huge Liberian community in the city of Dallas, but also an attempt to “help in the effort of making Liberian cuisine go global,” Mr. Williams said.

Mr. Williams is being optimistic about it all, but is cautious, saying “right now we are mostly in the moment. We are anticipating reopening and getting back to business. The excitement I’m sure will come later.” The Monrovia Lounge— besides the great cuisines it has introduced, has been an enlightening hub for traditional values: exhibiting Liberian books, cultural festivities, and a meet and greet center for the Liberian and African diaspora to enjoy the hospitalities that is unique to Liberia

As a Liberian-owned business, Monrovia lounge’s efforts are commendable given that many Liberians are usually not into entrepreneurship, especially in the diaspora. When asked what advice Fermi and Princess have for Liberian businesses that are struggling or those wanting to go into business? The couple said, “Our advice will be, don’t stop and keep on pushing.” And this is exactly what both of them are doing, not even buckling to a devastating flood that drowned or overflooded their business a fortnight ago, they have been able to summon the tenacity and resilience known to Liberians, and are “pushing” ahead despite the calamity that destroyed their business.

Quizzed if there are plans to replicate the success of Monrovia Lounge on the home front of Liberia, the couples said “absolutely, that is the ultimate goal.”

Femi Williams hails from Maryland County, Harper City. And describes himself as “a proud Liberian currently residing in Dallas, Texas. I oversee the day to affairs at Monrovia Lounge LLC.” His spouse Chef Princess Wreh, is also a Liberian, an American Air Force veteran, and mother of 5 children. The Monrovia Lounge located in Dallas, Texas, at— 9220 Skillman street suite #227 Dallas, TX 75243.

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