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Sirleaf Is Still A Major Player In Liberia’s Politics; Assembly Leadership Must Resign Now! The Liberian Listener



Surely it is time for Senate President Albert Chie, Speaker Bufol Chambers, Deputy speaker Fonati Koffa and the rest of those holding leadership positions in the Liberian Assembly to resign their positions or be removed by their peers!

The Assembly has failed Liberians in post-war reconstruction nation-building, but more so, to protect the interests of the country. Instead, the legislature is a place for criminals in these difficult times of national recovery, rebuilding, and reconciliation, especially so when the citizens of the land need answers to the many issues that faced the country.

The Election of wartime General Prince Johnson and his double dealings to use his county to enrich himself and play the kingmaker during elections is well known. “General Johnson,” is a major ally of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. It is time Madame Sirleaf’s activities were scrutinized by our so-called international friends like the United States, the European Union, Ecowas, and the African Union. Sirleaf’s post-presidency mantra has been an all-out blitzkrieg to protect her legacy, against the industrial corruption, murders, and abuse of powers that occurred under her leadership. She has been successful, not a single audit or investigation has taken place under her leadership! It is comical observers have said to hold Varney Sherman responsible and not hold Ellen Johnson RESPONSIBLE!

That the United States and other international partners continue to turn a kind eye to Madame Sirleaf activities while Liberians are repulsed by her acts that have improvised the country, bastardized the political institutions while compromising them to lawless relics that can be assigned to Tubmanic hegemonic abuse of powers—this is a fact many Liberians know, but which our so-called foreign partners have turned a blind eye to!

In the Lower House, another ex-convict, Fonati Koffa heads the most important post as Deputy Speaker. Koffa is a heartbeat away from the Liberian Presidency and is said to be another key partner of Madame Sirleaf according to sources. Sirleaf has been able to partner with the current political elites by putting and supporting colorful characters to support her PROTECTION clause, amongst which are General Johnson and Koffa, reports say!

The Liberian Listener is appalled that the governance institutions designed to help served our people, lift them out of poverty and give them hope have but all been compromised and taken over by men who have hurt the country’s image and made themselves rich on tax dollars.

The Liberian Listener welcomes the recent United States statement on General Johnson but calls on the United States to investigate independently the activities of those who are hiding their hands while doing all to protect themselves from the crimes they have committed against the Liberian people.

The Liberian Listener believes, it is time for a change of leadership at the Liberian Assembly. The President of the Senate, the Speaker, and Deputy s[Speaker must resign their positions or be replaced! These men have compromised the interests of the state in their blind partisanship and loyalty to fifth columnists, bent on denying our people economic and political justice, equality and dignity!

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