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Open Letter: Liberian History Project Misguided Interview With Togbah Na Tipoteh

By Darlington Collins

Brother Duku Jallah, I just watched your nearly 30 minutes interview with Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh and I must say I am not quite impressed with your understanding of historical reckoning.

Your questions were all over the place and at some point misguided, thereby infusing your personal feelings or opinions about the progressive class into your questionnaires while leaving your viewers with second thoughts about your presentation. You assume the role of the agent provocateur rather than an interviewer about these historical events that needed sober-minded introspection.  In simple terms, you presented the questions to the Oldman as if the True Wing Party handed you these questions as you went out on a mission playing the blame game as if everything was okay with Liberia before the entry of progressive class within the body politics of our nation.

Your conversation led Dr. Tipoteh with no other option but to describe your quizzing as “using words all over the place”.

Duke my friend, I respect your drive in finding deep searching answers for this space called Liberia but I will advise you to read your history and understand what happened here before the 1970s and moving forward. Hopefully, the project isn’t a reflection of your personal misguided feelings or sinister agenda.


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