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SUP Declares Abraham Darius Dillion Persona Non Grata: Demands his immediate apology!

For Immediate Release

The Indomitable Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP) Vehemently Condemns Senator Darius Dillon; Demands His Exigent Apology, and Concomitantly Frowns on the Game Theory of Victim of a Leftover in Richard Tolbert of the Old Grand True Whig Party Oligarchy!

Sons and daughters of Liberia’s slum planet, i.e, West Point, Vai Town, Clara Town, Logan Town, Buzzi Quarter, Soneiwen, created by the 133 years of economic exclusion of the Old Grand True Whig Party Oligarchy; grandfathers and grandmothers condemned to illiteracy because of the wanton educational disequilibrium for over a century by the iron claws of the Old Grand True Whig Party Oligarchy;
students of kindergarten, primary and secondary schools in the hinterland who had lacked every atmosphere of a good learning environment, while the Oligarchy prioritized their children missionary institutions like Ricks Institute and the College of West Africa (CWA), SUP brings you revolutionary greetings!

The Student Unification Party CANNOT FORGET that: progressives were slaughtered and maltreated by the oppressive machinery of the Fascist Oligarchy; fellow countrymen, who were and are now relinquished from the chains of exploitation of the Old Grand True Whig Party by the Progressive Class of the Liberian society; SUP offers to you all, revolutionary greetings!

As we all know, for the past few days, the Liberian Mass Media has been shrouded in controversy by a political yahoo in Darius Dillion. In exposing his ultra-nationalistic persona, the Poodle–Miniature–Poodle has attempted to chew the cord of history of the Easter Uprising, commonly known as the Rice Riot. This quack of a historical accident, in his intellectual sophistry to Samuel Jackson, went afar to insult comrades who were droned into a bloodbath on April 14, 1979, while they were preparing to protest the unjust proposal of the increment in the price of rice from 22.00 dollars to 26.00 dollars by the oppressive machinery of the apartheid Oligarchy thus “Unfortunately, the Progressive Alliance of Liberia (PAL) group, led by G. Baccus Matthews took advantage of the people’s IGNORANCE.” Not surprisingly, this is the saying of a chap who does not read, but who one feeds on gossips and hearsay(s) to interpret history.

Comrades and friends,

We must least expect this buffoonish mentee of T. C Gould and Charles Brumskine, two (2) human examples in the mannerisms of the Old Grand Whig Party Oligarchy to interpret history on its supersensitive stance which would then vindicate the progressive forces of participatory democracy. Needless to say, we must expect an academic flunkey, an academic renegade in Darius Dillion from a simple American institution of higher education like Strayer University to explain to our consciences the true happenings surrounding the Rice Riot. But if we must embrace the zero logic of the human refuse in Darius Dillion, then it suffices to say, the Council of Patriots (COP) during the June 7 protestation was wrong to utilize the freedom of assembly under a liberal democracy, and to protest against the evils of the kakistocractic Weah’s regime. Hereunder, we see how foolhardy, revisionist, and lilliputian, the threadbare analysis of the street urchin in Dillion is historically flawed!

Student Unification Party, SUP

Comrades and friends,

Our veterans who were prematurely compelled to be sent to martyrdom by the gendarmes of the oligarchy on April 14, 1979, were not in error. Comrades, let us observe a moment of silence for 19 years old comrade Robert Ziah, comrade Irene Nimpson of the Women Presidium of the Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP), and all those who were unbefittingly buried in mass graves at the Palm Grove Cemetery in central Monrovia on April 14, 1979. Their revolutionary mojo displayed, their unrelenting patriotism in blood, and their refusal to bow in liberal cowardice, have made them the true heroes of our nation. For them, red carnations are theirs. Those comrades could have joined others to plunder the resources of the motherland in cohort with the decadent Oligarchy. But they refused–bearing in mind the wave of revolutions that shook every corner of the world and the exigence of the rice and rights the Liberian masses had long yearned. The progressives were not critical Utopians. They studied so well the proposal of Florence Chenoweth, and came to a resounding conclusion, that such a proposal if given acceptance would only have benefitted Bishop Tolbert, who was the country’s largest producer and importer of rice through his Mesurado Group of Companies. That such proposal, would not have benefited the local farmers as cunningly argued by the Oligarchy and its surrogates.

Comrades and friends,

What was the reliance of the progressive forces? The progressives were historically conscious. Just a few years before 1979, the Oligarchy had used Stephen Tolbert, finance minister, brother of Tolbert, and the president of the Mesurado Group of Companies to suppress domestic businesses on behalf of the concentration of production and distribution by Mesurado, which was owned and operated by the Tolberts. The Oligarchy, while on the one hand was propagating a wholesome functioning society based on self–reliance, was the same Oligarchy on the other hand that was arbitrarily repressing the people’s agricultural cooperative in Penoken, Putu, Grand Gedeh County, because Susukuu of the Movement of Justice in Africa (MOJA) was involved in the technical and agricultural training of the peasant farmers. More impressively, the progressives proposed several alternatives which could have solved the cascading but deteriorating looming crisis, but the TWP refused to compromise. But fearing that the already mass–based progressive class had strong ties with the Liberian populace, the Tolbert Oligarchy outrightly debunked such a wonderful alternative in opposition to the proposed increment in the price of rice. How cowardly could they have been! Yet, Richard Tolbert, one of the last remnants of the Oligarchy is hypocritically playing the game theory of victim against the Liberian state and masses which was HIJACKED by the Oligarchy for 130 years, using every trick of violence in the books to suppress our people and hold on to state power.

Comrades and friends,

Mr. Richard Tolbert has no moral conscience nor the grip for political ethics. He should be appreciative of the sacrifices that others have made that have him where he is today—that has an aura of freedom. 42 years ago, those who dare confront the Oligarchy were either slaughtered, dehumanized, or thrown into maximum-security prison compounds. We must condemn Richard Tolbert unreservedly for who he is. A beneficiary of and a countenance for the Old–Masonic–Craft–Grand–True–Whig–Party–Oligarchy. Leftovers like him are only redeemed through the “mental revolution”. We understand his pitiful and alienated condition. In an African society that was rapidly progressing, the Tolberts and Tubmans had occupied the top brass of governmental bureaucracy through patronage and impunity. They were rebuking the African costume and culture, and adorning themselves in bowler hats and tailcoats in hot-sunny Liberia. They were simply telling the children of the people that they were children of a lesser God, and were forcing them to change their African names for slave masters names that emanated from the deep south! How outrageous and presumptuous can he be?

Fellow countrymen, militants, cadres, and stalwarts of the All-Powerful, Sacrosanct, Indomitable Vanguard Student Unification Party: While we acknowledge that the existing realities of economic deprivation and right–wing politics still defines our country, we must never believe that the draconian days of the True Whig Party Oligarchy is an option for contemplation. Today, we may be locked in the kakistocracy of the Weah regime after coming out of the kleptocracy of the Sirleaf administration. But it is not a sign of returning to the Old Grand Whig of the True Whig Party. It is a moment to develop our revolutionary theory in consonance with our revolutionary practice. We must make the grounds of our various universities the RED BASES, according to the Marxist Professor in Herbert Marcuse. And we should always remember that the Democratic space for political inclusion we enjoy today, be it from whatever background of caste, sex, religion, and so forth, alongside the quack in Dillion, is the result of the sainted revolutionary struggle of the progressive forces.

Richard Tolbert

Militants, Cadres, and Stalwarts of the Vanguard Student Unification Party,

Whereas, the wisenheimer in Darius Dillion who lacks the spine to vent out anger in criticizing the contradictory and corruption–infested elements like Bility, Sumakai, and others in his political backyard, but will rather see Sauls to Pauls;

Whereas, the goof in Darius Dillion has not apologized nor shown any remorse for his arrogance against the progressive class but is filled with the pretense of knowledge which has dragged his dunderhead into the right-wing dustbin of history;

Now, therefore, all militants, cadres, and stalwarts are mandated by the tripartite sessions of the Indomitable Vanguard Student Unification Party through the chairmanship of Cde. James Momo Peters, to make the campuses of the University of Liberia a no–go–zone for Dillion. Conclusively, the doofus must be booed everywhere he’s seen by any comrade of the people’s struggle for rice and rights. Long live the struggle for “rice and rights”! Long live Massescracy—Long live SUP, aluta the struggle for “rice and rights continues!

Signed: ______________________
Cde. Mustapha N. Kanneh ( ATATURK)
Secretary General/SUP

Approved: ____________________
Cde. Momo J. Peters

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