ethnocentrism Op-ed 

Nimba: Ethnocentrism and the Land–Grabb Issue

  By: Andrew Borbor Werlay Jaye, Jr   When the body and flesh of the republic are monstrously bruised, the soul of the nation in which the people have nationalized inhomogeneity becomes groveling to the knees of ethnocentrism. Defining Ethnocentrism Ethnocentrism is one disease that has been a cancerous proclivity, says, diminishing our cells in opposition to a vibrant political system. But ethnocentrism is not an element of natural science. It is birthed by greedy men (who interact with the animals, plants, and environments) who crave everything to themselves as…

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senator dillion Op-ed 

Setting historical records straight for Senator Abraham D. Dillon of Montserrado Co.

By Johnson Geply Past and present events constitute history. History is often recorded by the pen or the mind, never by a single individual but by many people, some of whom may live through it or witness such events that end up as written history or as oral history. As such, history does not lie due to the fact that it is narrated by many people. Yes, history does not lie but people do falsify it. People may choose to lie about historical facts either because they do not have…

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idris derby /the guardian Public Policy 

The coup in Chad as Derby is assassinated, his son takes over: The African Union is quiet

    N’DJAMENA, Chad — Chad’s president of three decades died of wounds suffered during a visit to front-line troops battling a shadowy rebel group, the military announced Tuesday, as the insurgents vowed to take the capital in what could become a violent battle for control of the oil-rich Central African nation. The military quickly named President Idriss Deby Itno’s son as the country’s interim leader, capping a series of stunning announcements that came just hours after the 68-year-old Deby had been declared winner of an election that would have given him…

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