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Africa’s population growth: grasping the scale of the challenge!

The last 100 years have seen an incredible increase in the planet’s population. Some parts of the world are now seeing smaller increments of growth, and some, such as Japan, Germany, and Spain, are actually experiencing population decreases. The continent of Africa, however, is not following this pattern. Now home to 1.2 billion (up from just 477 million in 1980), Africa is projected by the United Nations Population Division to see a slight acceleration of annual population growth in the immediate future. In the past year, the population of the African…

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abraham dillion Op-ed 

Abraham Dillion Understanding of Liberian History Is Shallowed!

Hassan Bility & Andrew Jaye To think that social eruption can be manufactured for political capital is the very height of ignorance to demonstrate. The social eruption of April 14, 1979, has been propagandized by the right-wing and the remnants of the True Wing party to terrify our people, a dangerous game into which Abraham Darius dillion is playing. Hence Mathews and others could not have called the people on the streets if their objective conditions (poverty, exclusion, hunger, and so forth) were not visible and practical. But it is…

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