pearl brown bull /fpa News 

‘Greed, Wickedness Undermining Liberia’s Image’ -Pearl Brown Bull

  By Mae Azango MONROVIA — A Liberian clergywoman and lawyer, Rev. Cllr. Dr. Pearl Browne Bull, says the image and prosperity of Liberia are under threat as a result of greed for money and wickedness. Delivering her sermon at Liberia’s oldest church, the Providence Baptist Church in celebration of its 200 years of existence, Rev. Cllr. Bull acknowledged that a country with a great Christian history such as Liberia stands on the verge of collapse if wickedness and greed for selfish wealth accumulation remain the order of the day. According…

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prof soyinka / Artists & Reviews 

Professor Wole Soyinka Writes a New Novel!

  Wole Soyinka at 86 will publish a new novel titled ”Chronicles of the Happiest People on Earth” in November this year. The news of the novel has been circulating secretively since Soyinka submitted the typescript to his publishers–BookCraft in Ibadan and Random House in New York– in June this year. Those who are close to the 1986 Nobel Laureate in Literature were expecting a new collection of poems which was in its final stage of editing, only for Soyinka to spring a big surprise with a novel of 524…

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burna boy gq Artists & Reviews 

Burna Boy’s Grammy Award is a ‘big win for Africa’ and its music stars

It was second time lucky for Afrobeats star Burna Boy who landed a Grammy award for his album ‘Twice As Tall’ at the ceremony. Burna, real name Damini Ogulu, missed out to veteran Beninese singer, Angelique Kidjo at the 2020 awards. As he accepted the Best Global Music Album award from his home in Lagos, Nigeria, Burna, 29, declared: “This is a big win for my generation of Africans all over the world.” “This should be a lesson to every African out there: No matter where you are, no matter what you…

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george weah jr rfi News 

George Weah arrested for insulting French police and resisting arrest, faces court date

  Staff Report   RFI—George Weah Jr, the son of Liberia’s president, was brought into custody on Wednesday morning over charges of public disorder for noise nuisance related to a house party in Paris during the Covid-19 lockdown, according to French media. Updated 19th of March, 2021: George Weah Junior, son of the president of Liberia, was brought before the judicial court in Versailles just outside Paris yesterday, the 18th of March. The court has placed him under judicial supervision pending his hearing scheduled for 9th of May for disturbing…

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daniel cassel /news public trust Public Policy 

New kid on the block: Daniel Cassell has presented no plans to develop Liberia, just talk…

  By Socrates S. Saywon, Sr.  Monrovia – Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, the political leader of a newly established political party, the “People’s Liberation Party” is capitalizing on Liberia’s fragile political environment as the 2023 general and presidential elections draw near. Cassell who had his political institution grand opening and dedication ceremony of the PLP on February 20, 2021, has stepped up his activities  with various groups, most notably by awarding scholarships and gifts to Liberians in a charm offensive for political gain, according news reports. One example, is such…

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Designer budu ogisi /indie magazine Society Arts & Leisure 

The designer choosing pan-African pride over Western attention

    Bubu Ogisi is making African fashion in Africa for Africans. The Nigerian creative director, stylist and the designer behind the label IAMISIGO, Ogisi is committed to celebrating African philosophies, fabrics and techniques. She and her close-knit teams of artisans have created a label which breaks many of the “rules” about what African brands are and should be. Not interested in capturing Western audiences or selling big, IAMISIGO’s work is focused on using fashion to tell the colorful and complicated story of Africa’s history, present and future. “In 100…

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thandile sunduza / News 

SA’s Top Diplomat In Los Angeles Is Becoming Somewhat Embarrassing

  Times are tough here in South Africa, and any cent that is budgeted towards the SAA rescue plan (not a bailout, remember), for example, has to come from somewhere. In SAA’s case, that’s healthcare, police, schools, and other budgets slashed so politicians can fly around on our national carrier, but I’m sure the kids using pit toilets are delighted to hear that SAA is well looked after. If you manage to score a gig as a South African foreign diplomat, it’s not just free flights that come your way. The…

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Remembering Thomas Sankara on the 30th anniversary of his assassination Public Policy 

Thomas Sankara Is Not Dead

BY BENJAMIN TALTON Anti-colonial revolutionary Thomas Sankara fought to transform Burkina Faso into a truly independent, self-governing nation before his assassination in 1987. But as a recent film shows, Sankara’s legacy continues to inspire struggles against oppression despite ruling elites’ efforts to erase him from public memory. Burkina Faso’s single railway line originates in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, on the Atlantic coast and runs northward six hundred kilometers to the capital and largest city, Ouagadougou. The railway was established by the French colonial administration, and its route remained unchanged until Thomas…

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Given this position of the LNBA, our presence here today is not an approval of the reason for which we were cited, for the Constitution does not require such. We are here because the failure of a lawyer to appear and perform any service required by the Court is contemptuous. Personally, I should be in a joyous mood and celebrating for the elevation of Justice Kaba, as my former student during his undergraduate studies at the University of Liberia in the 1980s. But, I cannot because another former student of mine, Justice Ja’neh was removed unconstitutionally. Officially, as president of the LNBA, I cannot celebrate because to do so will be contrary to the official position of the LNBA. Public Policy 

Cde. Tiawon Gongloe lectures Chief Justice Korkpor about the progressive struggle in Liberia!

    The utterance by Chief Justice Francis Korkpor that there were no political prisoners when he was employed with the Ministry of Justice, decades prior to becoming the head of the Judicial Branch of the Government, did not go down well with Counselor Tiawan Gongloe, who himself was a victim. Addressing the opening of the March 2021 Term of the Supreme Court, Justice Korkpor, for the first time, recalled allegations that while working with the MoJ in the late 1970s as Research Coordinator at the Bureau of Correction, during the…

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kiano gbala /smart news Public Policy 

CENTAL wants independent investigations into Kiano Gbala’s corruption allegations

  By Socrates Saywon The Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia [CENTAL] wants issues of corruption dealt with in the country, efficiently and according to the law. According to CENTAL upon learning of the corruption saga at the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission or LACC, it reached out to the Commission to inquire about claims and counterclaims raised by the parties including, but not limited to, unlawful salary payments, unaccountability of cash advances received, purchase of Government property, amongst others pertinent issues, but is yet to get clear cut answers…

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