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Comrade Leader Oscar J. Quiah : Tribute to a progressive Struggle Icon



By Chorpie Charlie

And so a revolutionary actor has fallen, not to the wretched of human depravity, but he is now enjoined to the everlasting struggle he help ignited for a better Liberia, through the memory of history; and in pursuit of stamping his blessings on human progress, especially for an inclusive Liberian nation, Comrade leader Quiah left us these words:

“We [Liberians] have fallen behind many years” as a result of the ugly bloodbath we unleashed on ourselves. This has rendered us to the characterization as bookey man, somebody who loves war, loving fighting. Our goal,  must be to embark on change behavior, for all of us, whatever your role, small or big must [be to] forgive one another and move forward”- August 2008 at TRC Hearing.

The piercing words of the Comrade leader must command us to honor his memory, by disengaging in useless dialogue that does NOT move us one step ahead to a better society. This means,, we must reach a consensus on deep the questions that offends our co-existence. Some would argue the Progressives, specifically PAL , or the Progressive Alliance of Liberia should have moderated their approach towards the TWP misrule , not the active and aggressive postured they displayed. Comrade leader Quiah strongly rejected this approach, and as the Secretary-General of PAL clearly stated, “No! I was happy I push it to the dead end.”

Consensus 1: The Progressives did not plan to riot on April 14, 1979. The TWP armed gangs, under the guised of state police willfully provoked violence by shooting at unarmed peaceful protesters.

Consensus 2: The Progressives did not participate or were not part of the military overthrow of the TWP government.

Consensus 3: The Progressives were not part of the decision to execute the 13 TWP officials.

We, in following the grassroots tradition of the old Progressives understand the urgency of now, in a political struggle, and asserts in powerful agreement with Comrade leader Quiah, there is NO APOLOGY, nor should there be an apology for the Progressive opposition towards the TWP misrule. But the Comrade leader was quick to postulate, in acknowledgment of the imperfections of the Progressive struggle. He froned on the PRC or the so-called People’s Redemption Council which wasted the lives of innocent Liberians, and also the Kangaroo justice the council meted out against the 13 TWP officials. Comrade leader Quiah sought forgiveness from Liberians, and extended apologies to families and love ones for these unfortunate incidents.

Comrade leader Quiah was quick to forward Leader Gabriel Matthews as the Father of Liberia’s modern DEMOCRACY, and he credited Samuel P. Jackson, Elliott, Norman Cole among others as the progenitors of the PAL’s struggle.

“Great men have great faults, [but] it takes greater men to even say sorry.”

Rest on Comrade Leader Oscar J. Quiah, your struggle now lies in our hands.

We salute!

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