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He Was A Patriot In The Tradition Of Juah Nimley: 4 Tributes For Comrade Oscar Quiah

HBF: It was my way of delineating social classes and their reactions to the questions of patriotism and nationalism in a situation of political crisis. Again, the attempt was to draw our attention to that facet of our history which some ethnicists were trying to deny after the coup: that there ever were progressive and enlightened members of that social group called Americo-Liberians. This perception was ahistorical and downright reactionary. There have always been enlightened and progressive members of that group as one could see from the works of Blyden, Barclay, Bracewell, etc. Joe Benson was a symbol of that progressive tendency within this group which had maintained power after Barclay, would have altered the history of our country in a very positive direction.
Dr. Boimah Fahnbulleh

He was a patriot in the tradition of Juah Nimley

By Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr

Ah, may he rest well. A great fighter for our people’s redemption. On the other side of the progressive camp, he was the closest friend I had and I respected his fortitude, dedication and honest interaction. He was a patriot in the tradition of Juah Nimley, S. Raymond Horace, D. Twe, Marcus Gbobeh, Wiwi Debrah, etc—all legendary fighters for our people’s emancipation and advancement. Great fight Jaryee! A marvellous struggle!! It is a tragedy that many of them still don’t understand but a legion of young patriots are coming up who with courage and consciousness will carry this struggle to its logical conclusion. This conclusion as we discussed in the filthy cell of 4B at the South Beach prison in 1979 and subsequently, must lead to the popular participation of the broad masses and their eventual determination of the historical trajectory that will lead to dignity, social justice and unity! Salute militant, salute!!

Cruel and Unusual' | Liberian Observer
Prof Dew Mason, www.liberiaobserver.com

A great loss for the Progressive forces and for our beloved nativeland

By Dew Mayson, Professor, Politician

The death of Comrade Oscar Jaryee Quiah is a great loss for the Progressive forces and for our beloved nativeland in general. During our struggle for rice and rights, Jaryee stood tall in the vanguard of PAL, the Progressive Alliance of Liberia, led by that other icon, Man Pekin Gabriel Bacchus Mathews. Together with MOJA, led by the living legend, Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, we managed to mobilize our people against the excesses of the decadent True Whig Party government.

Today, although the Progressive forces have not yet achieved state power and therefore have not been able to achieve all their goals of peace, unity and progress for our country, we have managed to establish such a solid foundation for democracy that it will take more than the winds of puerile tyranny to prevail against it. And Jaryee was foremost among those who laid this foundation. He paid a heavy price for his commitment: His personal resources were depleted in support of the struggle. He was jailed numerous times. He endured so many beatings and acts of torture. He was even scheduled for execution. Through it all, Jaryee stood firm in defense of our people.

From a personal point of view, Jaryee’s death has left me sorely aggrieved. Since our days together in Sinoe High School, he was always my close friend and big brother. Our participation in the struggle for our nativeland cemented our bonds of friendship, and we came to love and respect each other intently and sincerely.

When I visited Jaryee a little over a month ago, sick as he was, he still managed to share with me his infectious smile which endeared him to so many of our people. So much to say about Jaryee, but tears are already falling. And, in any case, words are simply inadequate. May Jaryee rest in peace and in power! May God bless his wife and children who provided care for him during his illness. May many Jaryee’s arise to continue the struggle for rice and rights, for economic development and freedom

The One People Revolutionary Movement [OPRM] says it has uncovered a diabolical plan by the George Weah administration to arrest its leader Comrade Moncio Kpadeh. The leaked according to the OPRM is political and subversion, that has nothing to do with the breaking story The Parrot News website has published regarding circumstances surrounding the mysterious and tragic killing of Audit Chief Emmanuel Nyensua of the Internal Audit Agency or IAA which went viral recently. Rather than unleashing security agents to pursue Comrade Leader Moncio Kpadeh and Editor Julius Jaesen of the Parrot News website, a responsible and intelligent government would rather choose the path of litigation if it feels or believes the Parrot outlet has done anything transgressive to its image or those of its officials named in the story.
Moncio Kpadeh, Leader OPRM
Chapeau and Farewell to Comrade Veteran Progressive

By Comrade, Robert Moncio Kpadeh, Leader OPRM

“I respect a few of the progressive brothers. They are truly men of conscience, honor, dignity, pride, and self-esteem. Their words are their deeds. They don’t say something in the day and do something else at night. These few that are I am referencing here do not condemn Charles Taylor in the day and come crawling to me during the late-night hours to beg for bread. All that the demand of me is to govern Liberia well and lift the impoverished Liberian masses out of the doldrums of poverty. True Patriots, I call them. OSCAR J. QUIAH is one of the few progressive brothers and devoted Patriots who I can doff my hat to in honor of his selfless advocacy, love for the county, and the distinguished and ethical manner in which he equates himself.”, former President Charles Ghankay Taylor.

As faith and fate would dictate, this morning our hearts are rattled by news indicating that veteran progressive, erudite Ideologue, adorned redemption soldier, daring patriots, and dialectical machine Comrade Commandant Oscar J. Quiah has transitioned to mountaintop, from mortality to immortality, to dwell in the blissful and grandeur Bosom of the Almighty Deity. Comrade Quiah departs these earthly shores as a decorated freedom fighter, daring warrior, and social justice bulwark whose struggle for Rights and Rice brought democracy to the domicile of his homeland Liberia. As one of the hallowed pioneers of Liberia’s striving democracy, Veteran Progressive Quiah will be missed but the shining memories of his fearless struggle to crushed down a century-plus repressive, sadistic, bigoted, and rogue Hegemony shall remain fresh on our minds. The One People Revolutionary Movement (OPRM) extends condolences and prayers to his family. May the Almighty Deity Console them during these dark and devastating hours.

Revolutionary philosophy believes that revolutionaries do not die, revolutionaries journey on to another place to continue the struggle upon the orders of the Supreme Deity. Veteran Comrade and Ideologue Oscar J. Quiah has simply journeyed on to marshal the struggle for human dignity at another destination. The Phantom of Liberian progressive and revolutionaries offer Golden salute, say Chapeau, and declare peace upon Comrade Leader Oscar J. Quiah.

May the struggle continue, as it is not Uhuru yet!

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Comrade Cherbo Geeplay, Poet

Cdr Oscar J. Quiah, a Rebel for Justice!

By Cherbo Geeplay, Poet

Few moths ago we lost a towering progressive icon for justice, and a man of principles, Cdr Chea Cheapo. Just as his that memory is still with us, the news of another progressive icon Oscar J. Quiah hit our faces like a storm ready to uproot the oak trees standing still.

Cheapo and Quiah belonged to the same class of fearless men who stared down a hegemony, with guns, whips, an army and its dingy prison cells daring them to raise a voice or finger, but they shouted back and dared the de facto one party state machine and its tyrannical tentacles —they were quickly bundled up in the middle of the night and locked up: beaten every morning and evening, the marks of the whips and lashes still lined their bare backs to this very day! Many men like leader Gabriel Bacchus Matthews went to their early graves because their bodies were broken from the abuse meted out while in jail.

Cdr Quiah belongs to a legion of dedicated patriots who went to jail challenging an oligarchy, determined, that the material conditions of the slum dwellers would improved.

Comrades, this was the struggle to which leader Quiah dedicated his life. But the logical conclusion and tenets to which he aspired still lingers for millions of Africans on the continent.

Comrade fighter Oscar Quiah leaves a hole in our hearts; he was a decorated and dedicated fealess militant for the truth, a daring soldier for social justice, and a rebel for equality!

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