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The Vanguard Progressives peoples movement must unite now or never!


By Mustapha Kanneh


Senator Abraham Dillion’s recent victory is a clear verdict and manifestation that the ruling establishment has lost grip not just on Montserrado but has also lost grip on the masses; which should send a clear message to Pan African Progressive Forces in the land to unite now and come forward at the barricade, and begin planning and thinking of strategies to use for the upcoming revolution to be waged for the Liberian people.  Already, the first stage of the revolution has been orchestrated by the ruling class itself — it is clear more than ever that only a vanguard progressive people movement can genuinely provide total emancipation for the Liberian people.

Yet, it is a rigorous process, but the Dillion’s victory is a vivid manifestation that we are moving to the stage where the masses know there must be benchmark for governance and political leadership in Liberia, though they still follow the populist trend. In what follows, should be the democratization of the country and its left leaning forces, if mobilize, will win over the current mediocrity and incompetence (kleptocrats, autocrats), currently prevailing in the land.

Here’s what would happen if we (Progressive Forces) fail to execute our aforementioned duty and responsibilities — organizing/mobilizing and enlightening the masses, the country will never recovered, and will always fall in the hands of neo liberal reactionaries.

Today, the onus is on we the young Progressive Forces to pressure the older folks in the Progressive Community and movement to unite our tendency. The Vanguard Student Unification Party coded a unique and resounding 50th Anniversary theme: “Advancing the ideology and philosophy of Massescracy — a call for a national revolutionary vanguard party; may history not despise our generation” which is a rallying call for Progressive Forces to unite, organize and provide ideological leadership for the Liberian people.

Progressives must be ever-present at the parameters of almost every national discourse emulating its bright and brilliant leaders, both fallen and alive: Dr. Thomas Jaye, Tonia Richardson, Gabriel Baccus Mathews, Juah Nimely, H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Dew Mayson, Alaric Tokpa, Dusty Wolokollie, Conmany Wesseh, Tiawan Gongloe, Chris Dugbeh Nyan etc etc. Henceforth, if urgency for progressive unity and leadership is not taken seriously, the state will elapsed into ideological bankruptcy.

Nonetheless, lets remain steadfast, hopeful and keep working with the masses as Progressive Forces. Maybe chance and historical circumstances may give us (Progressive Forces) political fortune, as Marx said, “Man do not make history as he pleases, rather historical circumstances and objective conditions compel him”, towards this end, Progressive Forces have enormous work to do: we must begin to organize, mobilize and reach out to our people and establish our movement all over the country.


Main Photo: From left Alaric Tokpa, Tiawon Gongloe, Dougbeh Nyan

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