That the House Speaker is third in line to the presidency, therfore Liberian Assemblyman in the lower house of the chambers should have given the election of Mr. Koffa serious thoughts before putting him on the ballot for consideration, his party the Congress for Democratic Change, should have considered this proposition also, by putting Liberia's interests first.Public Policy 




The Editor,

Liberia is a COUNTRY THAT glorifies pariahs and elevates them into the halls of power and we expect the country to develop. Electing former Attorney at Law Jonathan Fornati Koffa who is an ex-convict and a disgraced lawyer who can not even pass Google background check the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives in Liberia is a testament that the House is a forum of a bunch of corrupt parasites.

Where are the Collaborating Political Parties and the opposition when you need them for such disgrace to befall the country when they are the majority in both Houses? Liberia it seems is going to be in a BIG MESS for a very long time!

When the lower house elects an ex-convict who has been disbarred from practicing law in the United States by the North Carolina State Bar for stealing half a million (over $400,000.00) and issued his clients bogus checks, he goes on the run and when authorities went after him he comes out of hiding turned himself in, after police declared him a WANTED man, and this is who is now one of the most powerful men in our country today.

During his hearing, he lied to his lawyer by saying the money he stole was used to build roads for the suffering people in Liberia during the war. The ex-convict’s lawyer coughed up the LIE to escape justice, his creativity with the truth in this matter was described as a “crime of passion” and therefore pleaded with the Judge for leniency and was subsequently given the leniency of two years plus sentence. State charges are still pending, his conviction and sentence were on federal charges.

What sort of Deputy Speaker we are going to have here? It is easy to see, because when Mr. Koffa interacts with foreign dignitaries before they EVEN meet with him they will log into google to do a general background check on him, and his name will pop up as an ex-convict and disgraced lawyer who has been disbarred for 22 years because of his crimes and his criminal record, which is all over the internet. For the good of Liberia, the newly elected DEPUTY SPEAKER should immediately.

By J. Kgbynou Peah

Main Photo: J. Fonati Koffa, Smart News Liberia


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