The next batch of results was due to be released at 9 pm when a nationwide curfew in place since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic kicks in. Bobi Wine, the 38-year-old former musician-turned politician has emerged as the main challenger to 76-year-old Museveni, who has been in power since 1986. “We secured a comfortable victory,” Bobi Wine told reporters in Kampala, the capital. “I am very confident that we defeated the dictator by far,” Bobi Wine, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, said. “The people of Uganda voted massively for change of leadership from a dictatorship to a democratic government. But Mr. Museveni is trying to paint a picture that he is in the lead. What a joke!” he added. Public Policy 

AU & EAC quiet as Kyagulanyi Ssentamu is harrassed and kept under house arrest by Musevini

Kampala (AFP)—Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine remains under “house arrest”, his party said, after a disputed election returned President Yoweri Museveni to office for a sixth term. The former ragga singer turned lawmaker came second in the presidential election, and has said the process was marred by widespread fraud and violence. He has not left his home since he went out to vote in the election on Thursday, and on Friday said he was under “siege” as soldiers and police surrounded his home, preventing anyone from entering or leaving. “Our…

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That the House Speaker is third in line to the presidency, therfore Liberian Assemblyman in the lower house of the chambers should have given the election of Mr. Koffa serious thoughts before putting him on the ballot for consideration, his party the Congress for Democratic Change, should have considered this proposition also, by putting Liberia's interests first. Editor's Desk 

Mr. Koffa Election as Deputy Speaker Is Highly Regretable And Unfortunate!

EDTORIAL—- Many Liberians are concerned that last Tuesday’s election of Mr. Fonati Koffa who was was criminally indicted, charged, jailed, and barred from practicing law in the United States will do more harm than good to the image of the Liberian Legislature, and the country. Mr. Koffa was elected the Deputy Speaker of the Liberian Assembly–in the lower chambers of the House of Representatives by defeating his rival Clearence Massaquoi. Concerns are being raised that Mr. Koffa is a heartbeat away from the  from the presidency! The Liberian Listener notes,…

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