The Vision 2030 document was a retrospective study conducted by a group of Liberian scholars, some of the intellectuals include: Prof. Amos C. Sawyer, Chairman, Governance Commission (led the research),  Dr. S. Byron Tarr (Head, Economic Team), Prof. Dr. Elwood Dunn, Sis. Mary Laureen Browne (Educational & Curricula issues, Dr. Geetor Saydee/Hon. Larry Yonquoi, (Demographers), Mr. Romeo D.N. Gbartea (Industrial Sociologist, National Working Group & Head, Society) Op-ed 


    By Romeo D.N. Gbartea                                                                                                                         Introduction/Background The extractive industries have the potential of raising incomes, employment, improving the socio-economic situations in any environment, or provides for the industrial development of a country but the developmental scenario of Liberia becomes a mirage. The Government of Liberia under the leadership of President Sirleaf hired the expertise of a group of Liberian intellectuals in different study areas to review the past of Liberia and to define what will be the future of the country. This retrospective analysis highlighted issues…

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A question that we all must answer rapidly; this is not a question about just the removal of the Weah and his gangs. It is the question of sincerity, not one with parochial interests. If you follow suit with the agenda and remove the CDC, you may get the power you desire, but progressive ideologues and their men and women will retreat to the barracks and possibly begin the last stage of ending bad leadership, in Liberia, by fighting to redeem the country. Our people have suffered far too long for progressives to stand aside, we stand ready to present ourselves as instruments for this national transformation. Op-ed 

The Progressive intelligentsia struggle to free Liberia is still alive and well

    On January 22, 2018, Mr. Weah was sworn into office as president of the Republic, after maneuvering his way to political leadership for over a decade in a hustling so-called opposition lifestyle, that was quite unusual. This man attracted a huge score of support from a cross-section of the state predominantly young people who thought in their imagination that he represented their hopes and aspirations. These young people were carried away by his appealing successful soccer history and believed that if he was successful in his soccer career…

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