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He Was A Patriot In The Tradition Of Juah Nimley: 4 Tributes For Comrade Oscar Quiah

He was a patriot in the tradition of Juah Nimley By Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr Ah, may he rest well. A great fighter for our people’s redemption. On the other side of the progressive camp, he was the closest friend I had and I respected his fortitude, dedication and honest interaction. He was a patriot in the tradition of Juah Nimley, S. Raymond Horace, D. Twe, Marcus Gbobeh, Wiwi Debrah, etc—all legendary fighters for our people’s emancipation and advancement. Great fight Jaryee! A marvellous struggle!! It is a tragedy…

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The Vanguard Progressives peoples movement must unite now or never!

  By Mustapha Kanneh   Senator Abraham Dillion’s recent victory is a clear verdict and manifestation that the ruling establishment has lost grip not just on Montserrado but has also lost grip on the masses; which should send a clear message to Pan African Progressive Forces in the land to unite now and come forward at the barricade, and begin planning and thinking of strategies to use for the upcoming revolution to be waged for the Liberian people.  Already, the first stage of the revolution has been orchestrated by the…

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Wilton Sankawulo, www.liberianlistener.com Tributes 

Tribute: Writer, Wilton Sankawulo, 1937—2009

  Wilton Sankawulo began earning his fame as a prolific Liberian writer in the 1970s. He was born on 26 July, 1937 in Haindi, Bong County, Republic of Liberia, unto to the blessed union of Dougba and Naisua Sankawulo. He began his educational pursuit at Kpalopele, Lutheran Mission, near Haindi, in Bong County, where he received his initial and elementary training. He first enrolled at the Totota Lutheran School, and later continued at Sanoyea Lutheran School, where he completed his Junior High Education. He moved to Lofa County and attended the Lutheran Training Institute (LTI) in Salayea, Lofa County, from which…

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Student Unification Party, Sup, Liberia Op-ed 

SUP Declares LACC’S Nubusi Nwabudike Persona Non-Grata, Calls for his Immediate Dismissal

    PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SUP declares Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission Executive Chairperson (LACC Boss) Cllr. Nubusi Nwabudike a Persona non-grata, calls for his immediate dismissal from the LACC amidst identity crisis, refutes President Weah SONA statistics of increase in enrollment at UL; demands all Lawmakers and Public Officials to Declare their Assets in accordance with the 2014 Code of Conduct, recalls Co-Chairman for Party’s Affairs Cde. Seawon S. Laiwayee and others Comrades and compeers, crusaders for social justice, academic freedom and peace, proponents  of Massacracy, militants and courageous…

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The two authoritative sources that I have just given do not make competence or integrity of relatives an exception to the definition. Therefore, those who are saying that the appointment of relatives who are competent and have integrity falls outside the definition of nepotism are wrong. Unless they write their own dictionaries, they have to accept the current definition of nepotism. Except for monarchies, like Kingdoms and empires, where countries are ruled by families, nepotism is wrong everywhere, especially in democratic countries such as ours. Nepotism is wrong because it is an abuse of power. It provides a situation where the best jobs in a country are occupied by relatives of public officials. It deprives better qualified citizens who are not relatives of public officials of opportunities for employment. A nepotistic leader promotes patronage, opportunism and sycophancy as avenues for employment. In an atmosphere where nepotism prevails, honest patriots and nationalists are deprived of opportunities for employment because they are not prepared to stoop so low. Nepotism therefore is a dangerous and very serious corrupt practice because it has the tendency to promote corruption and mass unemployment. Public Policy 

Nwabudike Nbudusi at LACC: Liberia Bar President Calls on Senate to reject George Weah’s bills

  By Taisiah K. Merfee The President of the Liberia National Bars Association Cllr. Taiwan Gongloe wants members of the National Legislature to reject bills emanating from President George Weah desk, which seeks to give the Anti-Corruption Commission prosecutorial powers. Cllr. Gongoloe further added, saying that the Senate should not approve any budget allocation to the LACC, because its chairperson lied to the Supreme Court by declaring himself as a citizen of the Republic of Liberia. The LNBA President stressed, the powers of the Liberian people is invested in the…

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Some folks today are trying to burn down the world to make it a better place. Good luck with that. It’s been done before. There is a little known factoid that in 1934, when the Ink Spots ruled, that Poland began its failed attempt to colonise Liberia. 7. Things change.  Music 

The Ink Spots: “I don’t want to set the world on fire, I just want to start a flame in your heart.”

  By Dag Walker   As things are today back home in American there are a large number of folks who really do want to set the world on fire. As of this writing, they have been doing a fair good job of it for three months, and no end in sight, burning, looting, and murder most every night in major cities across the nation. Me? I don’t want to set the world on fire, I just want to be with my girl.  Humility, a quality I highly regard in…

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Darius Dillon the game is up: Change we can believe in or same old, same old?

Alfred Bombo Kiadii On yesterday, Darius Dillon took to Facebook to double down on his support for Musa Bility, the new chairperson of the Liberty Party. Despite claiming to be the self-styled ‘light’ at the legislature who is all for propriety in public service, Dillon enthusiastically defended his friend as he gyrated between throwing in biblical exegesis to suit his absurd special pleading while supplying arrogant defense to shut down dissent. His latest action, if it is any meter to measure his sincerity, shows he gives his friends a free…

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Although he noted that this was not a sufficient reason for pulling down the building, he expressed satisfaction that the Ghanaian government had taken responsibility for the demolition by promising to rebuild the structure to its pre-demolition state. The Minister further noted that the Nigerian High Commission also failed to obtain legal title to the land even though it had paid for it as far back as the year 2000 and also failed to obtain the necessary approvals before erecting the building. In other words, the Nigerian High Commission was equally culpable. A fair and frank admission I suppose. Editor's Desk 

The African Union has failed to ‘silence the guns’ 2020 WAS THE TARGET YEAR

Editorial—-   Seven years ago African leaders committed themselves towards an end to armed conflict. At the 50th anniversary celebration that marked the founding of the African Union, they promised lasting peace on the continent, pledging not to pass down the burden of armed conflicts to “the next generation of Africans.” This promise was followed by “the adoption in 2016 of the Lusaka Road Map to end conflict by 2020. The document outlined 54 practical steps that needed to be taken. They focused on political, economic, social, environmental and legal…

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I am asking all of my friends and other patriotic Liberians to join this cause. Weah and his Ministers have gotten emboldened and diabolical in their abuse of power. The firing of Ms. Bollie was retaliatory and grossly retributive; time to say NO to this bullshit political disaster! Public Policy 

Open Letter: LibSGBV Seeks protection For The Vulnerable and Liberian Women

  Dear Minister Tarr, Liberian Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Awareness Movement, (LibSGBV), reaffirms its  commitment to human dignity and the eradication of all acts of violence against Liberian citizens. Towards this objective, Liberian Sexual and Gender Based Movement has continued to work with victims,  stakeholders and other groups towards the elimination of sexual and gender-based violence in Liberia.   Further, LibSGBV continues to work and support safe houses in the country. Safe houses are more than  just a place to shelter from violence. Safehouses provide an array of educational, supportive and …

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Liberian Economy Group (LEG) Bella Casa Hotel Sinkor, Monrovia. Cell# 0777516641/088696999 Email: reservations@bellacasaliberia.com Hon. Albert Chie President Pro-Tempore House of Senate Mr. President Pro-Tempore: Please find attached the Report of the Liberian Economy Group (LEG) on the Current Statement of the Liberian Economy. We of LEG remain confident that the Action Steps indicated in the report, when taken, can lead to the solution of Liberia’s main problem, longstanding and widespread Poverty. Respectfully Yours Liberian Economy Group (LEG) Op-ed 

Community-Interest Not Self-Interest

By Togba-Nah Tipoteh, PhD Since earning my doctorate degree in economics at the age of 27, and I am now 79 years of age, I have written in the public space on numerous local and global issues and problems, as well as provided solutions to societal problems, based on historical experience. A year ago, the Liberian Economy Group (LEG), chaired by me and composed of some highly qualified Liberian professionals, presented Its Report on the Liberian Economy, free of charge, to all government and non-government leaders, the general public, and…

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