Bai T. was a father, a great husband, and family man, but he was the mentor of many young Liberians who were seeking a place for Liberian literature in the world, especially, during those several years before his death. I visited both his home and his office a few times to chat with Bai T. Moore during those last years. Despite his fame and place in Liberia then, he was always willing to listen to us young people, and was quick to offer his words of wisdom whenever you found yourself in his presence. He was a very calm and wise man who reminded many of us younger writers of his place as father and elder in our quest to define Liberian literature and to help Liberian literature find its place in the world of African literature. Tributes 

Remembering Bai T. Moore, Poet, Writer, Novelist

By Dr. Patricia Jabbeh Wesley An Elder’s Prayer Oh great Spirit of the forest, I have nothing in my hand But a chicken and some rice It’s the gift of all our land Bring us sunshine with the rain So the harvest moon may blow Save my people from all pains; When the harvest time is done We will make a feast to you. —-By Bai T. Moore The late Bai T. Moore was born on October 12, 1910 in the town of Dimeh, a Gola village between Monrovia and…

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A member of the opposition Liberty Party and Senatorial candidate in upcoming elections was attacked at a rally in the slum community of New Kru Town allegedly by supporters of the ruling CDC. Senator Abraham Darius Dillon shortly, thereafter, angrily reacted by threatening to have his supporters stone the Presidential convoy. The National Security Agency (NSA)reacted  by warning that such action would be dealt with decisively. The Senator later retracted his statement and threat.   Liberia holds midterm elections in December and General and Presidential elections in 2023. To date, no investigation has been concluded by Liberian authorities nor anyone held to account for these election related violence. In Guinea and Cote’Ivoire, the opposition have been protesting against attempts by the incumbents to extend their rule by amending the constitutions Deadly shases and injutries have been reported.  By Our Political Reporters in Wasgington DC and Monrovia/African Star Public Policy 

U.S. Department of State Warns it wont tolerate election related violence or cheatings in Africa

Washington DC and Monrovia – October 8, 2020: The U.S. Government is putting African countries on notice about the integrity of upcoming elections on the continent. In statement issued on Thursday on the State Department’s website, Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo warned individuals who would dare interfere in the democratic process; especially those responsible for election related violence. “The United States is committed to supporting free, fair, inclusive elections. The conduct of elections is important not only for Africans, but also for defenders of democracy around the world. We believe…

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