condemn and stand in solidarity with victims of rape.Op-ed 

Condemning and standing in solidarity with victims of rape.



We are never a friend to a rapist. There’s absolutely nothing that can justify the nefarious, inhumane and uncivilized act of rape.  We therefore, condemn and stand in solidarity with victims of rape. We support the idea of “anti- rape protest” as a means of creating awareness.. To us, rape is a longstanding crime which like  corruption can be minimized if the ight approach is imployed This is exactly why we have developed keen interest in the minimization of rape cases through the process of analyzing the subject-matter and proffering first-best, second-best, and third-best solutions.

We hold the unconventional view that the act of rape is the end and not the means; that is, there are factors that make a rapist to rape, which cannot legally justify the act in anyway. We believe in the conventional opinion that “rape” is an act of sexual copulation without the express  consent of one of the parties involved. To delve into this matter more elaborately, we thought to answer the question “where does sex really begin”? We are witnesses to the fact that there is a  surge in rape cases in uncivilized nations than civilized nations, and non-religious nations than religious nations. Based on this, we ask ourselves the hard probing question of “WHY?”. Innocent children are being raped on a daily routine.. These and many concerns informed our unpopular view of rape and its mitigation measures years ago. However, on this edition of our view, we detail in the extreme what we meant in 2018. 

In 2018, a group of anti-rape advocates under the banner “March for Justice” took to the streets and staged a protest. The lead advocates met with the president; His Excellency Pres. George Manneh Weah and few of the government officials in the president’s conference room at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Decisions that were reached, and whether those decisions yielded needed results is a different issue altogether. Besides the meeting with the president and government officials, speeches were made, photos were taken as well as videotapes; and social media of all kinds were flooded with posts of all kinds, aimed at carrying the message of the day. Those that weren’t a part of the  protest itinerary but were in solidarity with victims made posts. 

We were one of the persons that wrote an unconventional view on the subject-matter (of rape), which focused on the root cause analysis on the subject. We were not legally or constitutionally justifying the barbaric act of rape; on the contrary, we were giving reasons why people insult their character by becoming  a rapists. 

Unfortunately for us, one of the lead campaigners, who I think suffered from lopsided way of thinking, promptly labeled us as a “rapist in disguise” because of our view/stance, which was entirely different from theirs. We were dispirited, but it didn’t shake us or get us distracted. 

Till today, we still believe in what we wrote years ago. This is an updated version of what we wrote  few years back which attracted insults from the aforementioned lead campaigner who didn’t  know the essence of philosophy: 

Where sex begins? And why people rape? These were the high questions on the slope of our thinking and critical analysis. To answer the first question, sex begins from the mind. To answer the second question, people rape to  achieve forceful sexual pleasure after being subconsciously and sexually inspired through watching porn video or seeing a person who is immodestly dressed or a person who takes into his/her system drugs/ alcoholic beverages.  For instance, when a man watches a porn video , which is a subconscious video, his sexual appetite (habitat?) is greased, which becomes an aftermath of porn video information transmitted to his brain. Therefore, when he’s not a character of self-control, it leads him to insulting his character to being a rapist. The video watched becomes the means and act of rape becomes the end. 

Someone would asked, what about children that have been raped at the ages 4, 5,6 and so on. The answer is simple: They are the direct virgin victims of an indirect subconscious inspiration a rapist got through subconscious venture. 

For instance, a 40 year old man who goes watching porn video or another subconscious thing, might engaged in the act of rape with an innocent child.  Part of the second question’s answer: some people believe that people rape for the accomplishment of ritualistic sacrifice or mission, but this assertion is not popular with us.

This brings us to giving classic analysis between a religious nation and non-religious nations. Reported by Crime, these are the countries with the highest rape cases: South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Bermuda, Sweden, Suriname, Costa-Rica , Nicaragua, Grenada, and United States of America. Comparing this report to a religious state; Indonesia, with a very high population with fewer reported cases. 

Please follow this link to know the facts: & 

Judging from the statistical information herein, we can safely say that the non-religious countries are rebelling against morality, and there’s a BIG question on the strength of their value systems.  On the other hand, religious nations are capable of maintaining certain level of value systems and their morality is not under much attack. 

Where do we  go from here? 

From the inception of this article, we talked about the first- best, second-best, and third-best curtailing measure.  The first-best mitigation measure is to go back to our traditional moral value system and establish a society of ethical and moral values systems. A society which discourages porn videos, poor dressing, and other subconscious activities/things. The second-best curtailing measure is to get people preoccupied with  productive activities. It’s simple logic! When people are not occupied with productive activities, they are engaged in unproductive activities as the reverse demands. Thus the socioeconomic space must be created to absorb the people and make them  productive. This includes that government serves as liberator for the people in the moral crisis. 

The third-best mitigation measure is the rule of law. The culture of impunity must go and new order must take over. The justice system needs to be reformed to meet the demands of the 21st century.   Moralists are more likely to choose the first-best; reformists are more likely to choose the second-best; while legalists are more likely to choose the third-best. 

Next is this philosophical question: Who determines what is right or wrong? This particular question keeps philosophy alive till today. It encourages academic inquiries, and research on different subject-matters. 

For this question, we ask the legalists, many of whom are “anti-rape” campaigners/ protesters, who told you your mitigation measure is right or wrong? For this question, we ask the reformists, many of whom are politicians and bureaucrats in government buildings, who told you your mitigation measure is right or wrong? 

For this question, we ask the moralists, many of whom are religious authorities, who told you your mitigation measure is right or wrong?  It is through questioning everything and everyone we can make a great society, where “ anti-rape“ protesters  will petition not only government but all religious establishments and legal institutions. A society where the government will create healthy socioeconomic zone for its citizenry. A society where legal institutions  are strong enough to serve justice to all regardless of socioeconomic status.

To answer the philosophical question,  it’s man’s conscience that serves as determinant of good and evil and/or right or wrong. Liberia’s eco-moral has reduced the number of people with conscience. That’s the country’s battle!

The mind of anti-rape protesters 

Very many thanks to the “anti-rape“ advocates. We are anti-rape advocates too. We are all in ONE big box. But, some of our friends have lost sight in this fight. They analyze this entire struggle from lopsided perspectives and they see this just struggle from the legalist standpoint. They see nothing wrong with the  immoralities of the day in porn videos, poor dressing, and other rape-inducing gestures. In fact they rule out the possibility of people being raped on the basis of the eco-moral crisis of the country. Besides these, they love to be on the front pages even for doing nothing— very detective band of people.  This is how they go about it: campaign whole day thinking that without addressing the fundamental contradictions there will be transformation, and the surge in rape cases will supernaturally end. Have they asked themselves these hard questions: Why rape continues  recurring on a frequent basis? Why is it there are more rape cases in 2020 than 5 years ago? Why is it that Liberia is recording it worst record in rape cases amid the COVID-19 pandemic? What reality in recommendation must be real to solving the longstanding problem of rape? Why is it the USA with its sophisticated and standardized justice system against rape still faced with surge in rape cases than Indonesia? 

Answering these questions coupled with questioning everything and everyone who leads an anti-rape campaign will make a great solution to solving the rape questioned in Liberia. 

What led to the recent surge in the cases of rape? 

Rape is not something new in Liberia. It has been happening from the inception of planet earth. The extremity of the issue is alarming and unacceptable. There’s a correlation between the recurring frequency in rape cases and the unjustifiable closure of schools by government. Many of the newest rape victims are school goers. Many of the newest rapists are school goers. But; what  the “anti-rape” advocates have done is to treat the  issues separately. The correlation makes it one. What we are saying is this: Reopen all schools across the country and get students occupied; and create no room for vulnerability. Reopen all schools and ease the surge in rape cases. 

The act of RAPE is the end and not the MEANS. Curtail the MEANS and minimize RAPE. Whatsoever the case may be, protect our women! 


Sallia S. Komala, a student studying economics at Cuttington University and can be reached at


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