And this latest outburst from Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee against journalist Rodney Sieh, appears to signal what some have described as growing intolerance on the part of this government in regard to freedom of expressionOp-ed 

The Economic Reform Alliance—ERA calls for justice, condemns Koigee

Press Statement for Immediate Release


The Economic Reform Alliance—ERA condemns the brutal attacks on two young men by MCC guards posted at Mayor Jefferson Koigee’s residence; calls for an impartial and expeditious investigation to bring all those involved before the the Law:  Fellow Liberians, ERA extends unwavering greetings and reaffirmed its commitment to the cause, welfare, and dignity of the Liberian people.

ERA believes such merciless attack on peaceful and harmless Liberians at the hands of mayor Koigee’s thugs is a clear demonstration of the nature of the City Mayor of Monrovia especially reflecting his long history of violence, riots, and hate speeches. This act is very unscrupulous and places the fragile peace of our country at great risk.

ERA wants to use this rostrum to call for an immediate and expeditious investigation into the circumstances leading to this disdainful act and further emphasize that Justice must be impartially given to the victims. Comrades, it is very disheartening to record that the MCC guards of Mayor Koigee have chosen to derail the values of our country’s democracy and reinstitute the days of Samuels K. Doe and Charles G. Taylor. Under the laws of Liberia, no one deserves to be mobbed in such a brutal and heartless manner. This is an afront to our people with clear dangers to the residence and dwellers of the City of Monrovia.

While it is true that due to public outcry the Mayor has condemned said act committed by his thugs for which we appreciate, however, we expect him to be more rigorous over this matter. We urge the Mayor with immediate effect to suspend without incentives those involved, as they go through the investigation with the Liberian National Police.

Gone are the days of people using their power to exert a brutal force of repression on our people, we’re no longer prepare for that. Comrades, as we await the outcome of the Investigations, it is prudent to inform you that ERA will no longer condone such thuggish behavior from Mayor Koigee’s thugs and also calls out the Mayor to rehabilitate some of his former child soldiers who currently serve in the MCC police force. Long live ERA!


Signed: Press and Propaganda bureau.

Approved: The Governing Council


Main Photo: Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koigee

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