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The Naked Political Violence In The Streets Of Zimbabwe Must Stop!

The Liberian Listener condemns in no uncertain terms the brutality that is being meted against the peaceful peoples of Zimbabwe under the iron claw government of the ZANU-PF government led by dictator Mr. Emmerson Mnangagwa, alias the crocodile, a man known for his reckless bloody fist!
A foot soldier of the last ruler and dictator, Robert Mugabe, Emmerson was instrumental in carrying out the “Gukurahundi massacres against dissidents in Ndebele dominated regions which were carried out by the Zimbabwe National Army from early 1983 to late 1987” in which an estimated 30,000 people died, for nothing but naked political power.
Tagged the Matabeleland massacres, Mugabe’s sent troops to put down opposition supporters in the western region, by the Fifth Brigade, trained by the North Koreans, utterly “zealous in their support for Mugabe and utterly ruthless in their methods.” The Crocodile Emmerson was in the thick of all this—times has not changed for him, he prides himself on ruthlessness, apparently.
This genocide against the African peoples and other distasteful wholesale killings cast dark shadows over contemporary politics in Africa, for example, the genocide in Rwanda and massacres in Burundi, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Darfur/Sudan, Central African Republic, Cameroon, and the Eastern Congo come immediately to mind.
It is saddening that in the midst of this open broad daylight of hounding and killing by the despotic government of its own citizens, the Pan African institution that is ought to be speaking for the African peoples, in the name of the African Union sitting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, looks on with indifference, while Africans are slaughtered, jailed, beaten and dehumanized.
The Liberian Listener, notes with particular interests the nonchalance of the South African government, under the leadership of President Ramaphosa and his African National Congress/ANC–led government quietude in this unacceptable butchering! If any government and struggle institution must understand the aspirations of a people to live freely and call on their God-given rights to live peacefully and in harmony with the fundamental rights that the laws of the country bequeathed and hence their own inherent human rights for self-determination, it must be the African National Congress!
The ANC cannot turn its backs on the peoples of Zimbabwe in their greatest hour of need when much of Africa did not turn its backs on the ANC in its greatest hour of need! This is a shame—The Liberian Listener, therefore, called on the AU: SADC, ECOWAS, EAC, AMU, CEN-SAD, COMESA, ECCAS, IGAD, to speak to these unacceptable houndings and brutalities and the violation of rights of the African peoples in Zimbabwe!

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