Speaking about democratic governance – one of the major challenges facing member States, President Bio took the moral high ground, though he himself is under pressure from the country’s main opposition APC, calling on him to respect the democratic right of the people to elect their representatives in parliament, after the High Court annulled last year’s election results in over a dozen constituencies won by the opposition APC.Public Policy 

Chapeau Pres. Maada Bio, the 32mil Kano University of science and technology


By Robert Moncio Kpadeh

President Maada Bio is making good his big promise to construct a University of Science & Technology in the District of Kono in Sierra Leone with about US$32m already approved and secured from the Ecowas Bank for Investment and Development. The Kono University of Science and Technology promises to be a hybrid State of the Art learning institution and the citadel of ICT learning in the Subregion with technical support from MIT, USA.

This is the progressive and visionary leadership African countries need in the 21st century that poses streams of challenges to African countries. African Presidents must be forward-thinking, plan appropriately and build effectively and efficiently for the future and move away from the old age political rhetoric, bloody lies and deception and rampant corruption to delivering on their promises and embarking on genuine capital development and investment initiatives for their countries. In order for Africa to unshackle and leapfrog from its current state of decadence, debauchery, perennial misery and disgrace, its leaders must put nation above self, like we see a tiny few of them have started exemplifying.

President Bio like all human beings has his imperfections and faults but without a modicum of doubt, I can say he has the vision, equanimity, wherewithal, patriotic spirit and unyielding zest required of a President and under his stewardship, the nation of Sierra Leone is poised for great heights. He may only have to improve on human rights and maintain a politically stable state to put Sierra Leone on an irreversible trajectory.

I commend my fellow Bradford Alumnus on yet a big move that assures a greater future for the young people of Sierra Leone and by extension the subregion when it comes to ICT learning. Please continue to make us “GRADUATE” proud, Cde. Bio.

Interestingly and conversely, in my homeland, the President in Mr George Weah has stunningly taken a loan to buy rice, oil and beans for vulnerable Liberians. He just borrowed $50m from IMF— about $30m of this amount his government claims it has applied to food distribution in line with its professed stimulus package while the $20m was used to offset recurrent costs incurred. Not only that the so-called food distribution is not sustainable in every respect but from all indications, it appears to be yet another failed promise of an infamous regime that may not finds its mojo as it remains heavily challenged by gross incompetence.

How absurd, irresponsible, inconceivable, unserious, visionless and insensitive it appears when next-door neighbour Sierra Leone is taking $32m to build a State of the Art University, her neighbour Liberia, Africa’s oldest republic who will turn 173 years on July 26th, 2020 is taking loan to buy rice, oil and beans and to service other recurrent costs. Only a visionless, brainless and irresponsible government will do such a silly nefarious thing. Loans are meant for development purposes, not to cover recurrent costs. This is disgusting, disconcerting, condescending, ludicrous and obnoxious. Where is our pride as a nation when in the 21st century we are begging for a loan to buy rice, oil and beans instead of taking a loan to build roads, ports, bridges, power dams, University and research centres? I leave it right there. Enough said.

Blood in our eyes!

Main Photo: President speak at Harvard University

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