To sum it all, we must consolidate forces and revolt through the ballot or the bullet? This will be our own struggle not others. United front or no progress - there should be no such thing as middle ground or negotiation with reactionary forces. Thank about it. Onward to victory!Op-ed 

We will stand by the people and our country and not the fake opposition!


By Robert Kpadeh

The nefarious conduct we see some opposition folks displaying currently and the undercurrents obtaining within are not reassuring and do not guarantee any genuine intent for viable CHANGE as being heralded so loudly. It would seem that some are merely clamoring for political power to basically prioritize their vested socio-economic interests above the national interest rather than executing real essential change or departing from the perennial debauchery of the country — and putting the foremost emphasis on the people.

May we state for the record that we fundamentally oppose George Weah and his kingdom of hawkish thieves because they have let our nation down, betrayed and failed our people and they are simply an extension of the rotten layer Liberia continue to painfully experience and endure. Henceforth, we are committed ONLY to a genuine cause that seeks to remove Weah and his gang via the ballot box and have them replaced with a genuine string of noble Liberians who love their country and people. Who are ready to depart from the decadent anomalies that have battered our country and made it a barren failed nation at 173 years of existence. To put it bluntly and plainly, we will not collaborate with another batch of crooks and political parasites whose beliefs, mentality and practices do not differentiate from the Weah bunch only because we want greedy Weah and his henchmen out.

May we emphasize that the mentality of our enterprise (the OPRM) is not merely just to remove Weah from power because we hate Weah and his adherents, NO, it is beyond that. We aim to remove Weah from power through democratic means and institute a sound governing system anchored on moral virtues and ethos. A governing system that presents a genuine change, not one seeking an opportunity to loot and plunder the resources of the nation and to subject the already wretched poor Liberian masses to further subjugation, deprivation, de-humanisation and untold misery. Not one that engenders “Da our time” mentality.

We believe with will and courage that, the current committee set up by Mr George Weah to probe causes of the gasoline shortage, which has submerged the country into a blistering crisis--crippling every aspect of livelihood for citizens totally lacks the quantum of integrity and moral rectitude required to independently probe this matter to any logical and forthright conclusion. Therefore, it must be unconditionally squashed and decommissioned to make way for a  rather sound and independent committee.
One People Revolutionary Movement /OPRM


We do not seek another government that dabbles in parochialism and advances the very patriarchal practices that made Liberia a stagnant country amid an abundance of natural resources gifted to it by the Almighty Deity. If this is the intention of some in the opposition block as we have begun detecting, don’t count on us, we are not like minds and by every parity of reason, we cannot be on the same team if we do not behold the same ideological inkling. Simple, isn’t it? We shall never collaborate with any group of people who desire for political power manifests or presents the current despicable realities obtaining in the homeland. Don’t call us your comrades if your agenda doesn’t present a viable and pragmatic change and doesn’t accentuate the overwhelming aspiration and desire of the people. We stand by the people and we love our country. Enough said!


Main Photo: Robert Kpadeh, Leader OPRM

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