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Weah is Angry, Tipoteh Criticizes CDC Officials’ Lavish Lifestyle



By Frank Sainworla, Jr,

An internationally renowned Liberian Economist and former Minister of Planning and Economic Affairs, Dr. Togba Nah Tipoteh says corruption is entrenched in the country and stresses the need for President George Weah and his officials to change their mindset. This is contained in an interview with the Managing Editor of to be broadcast this Saturday evening (July 18, 2020)on WEEKEND FILE on Capital FM 89.7 radio in Monrovia.

Dr. Tipoteh says one way to get to the root of solving the country’s serious economic problem is to stop the lavish lifestyle officials of leading. “Lifestyle values of the people in power—the clothes they wear, the vehicles they have even during this coronavirus pandemic. Some of them are having parties,” the top Liberian Economist says.

Stressing that corruption is still entrenched in Liberia today, Dr. Tipoteh says: “In a system such as this, you do not give cheese to rat to man.” A research institution, the Liberian Economy Group (LEG) which he heads, recently released a report suggesting that the CDC government streamlines foreign travels and pay salaries of government employees and officials in Liberian dollars, while also collecting taxes in Liberian dollars.

Weah Angry With Him

“This may require making hard decisions that could be in conflict with the new breed of officials that live in luxury,” the report says. Professor Tipoteh, who is an uncle of President George Weah, is asked about the kind of relationship currently existing between him and his nephew (the President of Liberia).

Their relationship appears to be cold or lukewarm, to say the least. He wants President Weah to say why he’s keeping him far from him. He doesn’t have the mindset to give cheese to rat to man. “I understand you are angry with me, you don’t want to see me. In a system such as this, you do not give cheese to rat to man.” The last time he met Weah was September 2019…”Yes I’ve been forthcoming.” culled/newspublictrust

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