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Gbarpolu Celebrates as Comrade Alaric Tokpa declares Senatorial Intent



After weeks of declaration of intent for senator in one of the most “underrepresented and developed” counties, Gbarpolu, citizens of this part of Liberia have started celebrating the desire of Dr. Alaric Topka to context for the position. The decision comes after a long period of “cries” from citizens in the county calling on the professor to take on the senatorial position in the county.

The declaration of intent which occurred on Sunday, 14 June in Fallah Clan of Gbarpolu County brought together chiefs, elders, women and youth groupings from towns and villages to join Dr. Tokpa and team in cerebrating the start of “a new Gbarpolu”. This comes with great excitement that is now gaining momentum among citizens in the country.


It has been under the watchful eyes of the residents that the county is not represented “even with senator Ama Jallah leadership as pro-Temp at the senate and up to present time”. According to the chiefs , elders, women and youth, the county has been left over as little or no impacts are being felt among them as Liberians because of the “inability of the county leaders to make the difference”.

In an interview with these Liberians now in KMTV News Possession, the residents named deplorable road condition, uneasy access to health, education as major issues that are posing serious challenges in their livelihood. with a long in-sensitiveness from the county leaders especially lawmakers, the people of Gbarpolu have started to emerge their undivided support to Alaric Tokpa.

Their decision according to them, is on the basis of Dr. Tokpa willingness and capability to transform the county for the better. They believe the Liberian high code Professor workings in the county over the years are tangibles that should lead him at the Capitol Building to lift the county “since nineteen whu-whu”.

“le way he na start doing something for us then u think wen he go there he will not do more”, a local dialed voices of hope the people have had for Dr. Tokpa. During the declaration of intent in Fallah Clan, Gbarpolu County, the Liberians in the area pledged their support and promised to take Dr. Alaric Tokpa at the senate.

“We doing le tin yeh because we na seing anything for us in ley place yeh and we suffering and our leader nen there enjoying our sweat”, they told KMTV News . In their words ” former Pro-Temp Senator Ama Jallah and others are people of self-centered interest and will not bring anything on the table as long as they remain in leadership” .

Residents in Gbarpolu County current decision projects a flashback to past general elections when about 95 percent of lawmakers left the Capitol Building on the basis of unsatisfactory note from their respective constituencies.

The situation in the county is now bringing to light the sensitive approach of the county dwellers to unseat anyone who is/will not proffer the expected deliverable. On the other hand, like the Chief of Fallh Clan , other traditional leaders have started mobilization in the county to allow Dr. Tokpa serve them at the national governance level.


Fruitful conversations with leaders and dwellers in the clan of Fallah , Gbarpolu County speaks volume to his optimism which comes from the unwavering support and courage emanating from many residents in the county to contest the senatorial position. According to them, a personality of a positive nature should serve in the public space so as to give hope and aspirations to the Liberian people. Story, Zac Tortiamah/KMTVSherman

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