To sum it all, we must consolidate forces and revolt through the ballot or the bullet? This will be our own struggle not others. United front or no progress - there should be no such thing as middle ground or negotiation with reactionary forces. Thank about it. Onward to victory! Op-ed 

A New Paradigm and Beginning For Progressive Unity—-

  The Editor What if, Movement For Justice in Africa, [MOJA] Movement Social Democratic Alternative [MOSODA], One People Revolutionary Movement [OPRM], Economic Freedom Fighter Liberia [EFFL], Liberian People Party [LPP], National Democratic Coalition [NDC] &, etc put together and formulated a coalition/collaboration (united-front) of all Democratic Socialist political parties/movements & contested the 2023 elections under one banner, imagine what could be expected? All these institutions are of ONE in objective —Pan Africanism. Though some are renegades and weak in essence, a united front could strengthen their solidarity. I hate to…

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For the immediate future, the agriculture minister is racing against time to fulfill many of the deliverables she set out to accomplish for a sector that has been lagging behind for decades. Standing in the way, however, is her ongoing back-and-forth communications with executives of the ADB, funders of most of the projects earmarked for implementation but complicated by a number of unanswered questions relating to several documents suggesting a conflict of interest. Although unsigned and finalized, according to the MOA, the documents pose grave complications for the minister and if not clearly explained, have the propensity to keep the ministry, on the defensive for quite some time. Public Policy 

In the Line of Fire: Jeanie Milly Cooper Brushes Off ‘Distractions’ Amid Lingering Allegations

    Rodney Sieh Monrovia – Riding in the backdrop of a stellar United Nations career, Jeanine Milly Cooper, a renowned farmer, came highly regarded and touted as one of the best appointments made since President George Manneh Weah assumed the Liberian presidency in January 2018. At her confirmation hearing back in February, Madam Cooper said all the right things and even urged members of the Senate Committee on Agriculture to depoliticize the sector by allowing her the space to perform. Cooper’s request came in response to a question about…

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Nearly 10 years later, Mr. Chie, now President Pro Temp of the Senate has reportedly been using his muscles and close ties to President George Manneh Weah to cement control of the ministry by inserting close friends, business associates and former colleagues at the ministry in strategic positions of power over Liberia’s mineral resources. Public Policy 

A petition Expel Senator Albert Chie from the Liberian Senate

  The Editor, Upon the induction of Senator Abraham Darius Dillon who later pledged to take home at most 5,000 USD as salary and send any excess toward other social development purposes as well as declaring his assets, Senator Albert Chie responded with very disturbing threats. Historically, Senator Dillon’s actions are unprecedented in contemporary Liberian Politics. Here are Albert Chie’s exact comments; “This is a political house. Here we do politics. You were elected by the people of Montserrado but from today’s date, you belong to the Liberian Senate. The…

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