Liberia has been looted and turned into a wasteland of neocolonial capitalism. The havoc wrought on the society by Weah is revealing of national neglect and the intense level of contempt Ellen and her cabal must-have for poor and working people to have orchestrated this farce on the fatherland. Weah's actions have angered the people, and they resolved to vote the CDC out at any electoral poll. And here comes the dubious plan Weah has reached. So, we are not astonished upon reading the list which comprises names of familiar stooges. Op-ed 

NEC: Weah is determined to entrench himself in power against the popular will!

      Just when we thought Weah will spare us another political circus because our country has mobilized all efforts on the homeland to fight the killer virus, then George Weah’s obsession with power and his terminal fixation on entrenching himself even amid a viral pandemic sweeping the world and recording innumerable fatalities showed up. Political expediency would force even the wretched of souls to watch national mood before taking political actions— at least that should be the simplest requirement every leader would perform. The death sentence of  Liberian…

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