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Assemblyman wants hearings that Weah is demanding sex before appointing females



MONROVIA – The Chairman of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) Legislative Caucus, Representative Hanson Kiazolu, says allegation of President George Manneh Weah allegedly requesting sex from females before appointing them in his government has defamed Liberia’s image both locally and internationally. Lawmaker Kiazolu represents the people of electoral district 17, Montserrado County in the 54th National Legislature.

The Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Mulbah Morlu was heard in a leaked audio recording, that went viral on the social media, accusing President Weah of having sexual relationship with female government officials he appoints in his government. Chairman Morlu also accused the Liberian Chief Executive of soliciting funds from friendly nations, including international and local businesses in the name of Liberia, but allegedly diverts those funds to the construction of his personal properties.

President Weah claimed that the leaked audio amounts to blackmailing adding that, “anyone can get angry and talk”, while Chairman Morlu claimed that his assertions were “liquor talk”. Morlu stated: “If I was ever recorded, then it has to be by an inside job, carried out by someone right inside my living room. I do not go to entertainment areas; neither do I talk recklessly. The crisis has its impact on me, especially to hear the Minister of State was supporting her to undermine the party structure. Such anger led to many angry comments that are necessarily not the truth. The President is a decently married man who remains faithful to his wife, and any such politics pushed by the dwindling should opposition is nonsense and should be treated with mockery and disdain”.

But speaking in an interview with FrontPageAfrica via telephone on Wednesday, Representative Kiazolu claimed that the accusations raised by Chairman Morlu have also questioned the morality of the Liberian presidency. He maintained that these accusations are grave, and as such, they should claimed the attention of the three branches of the government as well as civil society organizations in Liberia.

“We want to call Mulbah Morlu to get his testimony and to investigate him on how these things happened for what reason. The issue of soliciting sex for appointment in government – the two offenses are against our laws because these allegations dimmed the character of the Liberian Presidency. The reason why this should draw attention to the three branches of government and civil society is because even the most powerful country in the world (America), it is because of telephone conversation that brought about impeachment” he said. Representative Kiazolu continued: “These allegations challenged our democracy and civilization. It reduces us in the comity of nation; it makes us to be a mere organization instead of a country. For Morlu who sits and eats with the President to make such a disclosure with what the President confided in him, it makes this country to be a joke”.

Tantamount to rape?

Representative Kiazolu believed that the accusations raised by the CDC party Chairman against the President is squarely an allegation of rape. According to him, several Liberians remain behind bars because of similar offenses raised by Chairman Morlu and as such, President Weah is of no exception.

He added that these accusations contravene the laws of Liberia, noting that, lawmakers must take concrete actions upon their return from agriculture break.  “If you divert the country’s money into your personal use, it is also a crime under our laws. Some people are now in jail because of those crimes. So, nobody is above the law,” he said.

Representative Kiazolu maintained: “Sex for job is a grave offense. If you go to the Domestic Violence Act we just passed, it is against the law when you solicit sex for jobs. Immediately when we get back, the communication will be placed on the floor. In fact, the letter is concluded; it is just left for us to sign to send it to Plenary”.

Call for Morlu’s investigation

The Montserrado County lawmaker further underscored the need for the Chairman of the CDC to be investigated. He maintained that the House Plenary or a specialized committee comprising members with integrity must be setup to probe Mr. Morlu for his damaging accusations made against President Weah. He noted that though it is not yet timely to impeach President Weah, substantial evidence gathered from witnesses during a probe into the saga could lead to his impeachment.


The Chairman of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) Legislative Caucus, Representative Hanson Kiazolu, Photo: FPA


“Let Mulbah Morlu come and let’s conduct the investigation. If we get the facts correct, then we can think about the next step. For now, it’s not the issue about impeaching President Weah while Morlu’s investigation is pending”.

“The issue of investigating the ruling party Chairman is one of the processes of governance. We should also look in that direction. We should decide for him to appear before the entire Plenary or specialized committee void of partisanship, or a committee of integrity members. How we handle these allegations as leaders will make a determination,” he said.

On Representative Gray’s allegation

Representative Acarous Gray, an Executive Committee member of the CDC, told a local radio talk show on Wednesday that plans by some opposition lawmakers to impeach President Weah is ‘dead on arrival’. According to him, the move to sound threats of proffering points by some lawmakers, including Representative Hanson Kiazolu, is only intended to extort money from the Executive. But Representative Kiazolu described the statement made by the CDC lawmaker as a “bluff”.

He claimed that Representative Gray is an “immature” lawmaker who is always making “fun” of issues affecting the Liberian people. “It is unfortunate because President Weah is someone I know as a big brother personally and he knows me. But, not a day I have gone to the Mansion to see President Weah. I live in my own world, I am comfortable and I think that I can live on what I own. I have never done that to any leader and it will never happen,” he added.

The Unity Party lawmaker: “Representative Gray’s allegation is a bluff talk. When serious issues come to the nation, it is Acarous Gray who plays fun out of it because he is not mature. He does not consider this country as his country because he’s one of those that have acquired properties in America. They know after this regime, they will have to leave this country to go and live with their families abroad”.

Representative Kiazolu further accused the CDC lawmaker of having a second home in the United States and extorting monies from ex-Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf during his opposition days.

“They know after this regime, they will have to leave this place and go live with their families there.  But I have my entire family here and Acarous Gray should understand that I been holding good jobs before him-both national and international jobs. I enjoy my private life; I don’t really believe in extortion like the way he used to do to Madam Sirleaf,” he indicated.

Hope for Liberians

Representative Kiazolu further expressed the hope that the Liberian economy would be resuscitated if good governance practices are prioritized by the CDC led-government of President Weah. “If the governance system is on the right trajectory, good governance will contribute to the booming of the economy. If the governance system is not good, it becomes bad in the eyes of the international community and external investors; and the required results would not be achieved for the citizenry,” he said. Culled Obediah Johnson/FPA

Main Photo: President Weah, The Independent

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