However, a somersaulting move, the Labor Congress on April 30, again wrote Atty. Woods: “We are constrained to inform you that the Liberia Labour Congress has decided to withdraw the invitation extended to you to serve as Keynote Speaker on the 2019 International Labour Day Program due to some circumstances.” The letter which was signed the Chairman of the Labour Congress, Hannah M. Karbo, did not give reasons for the reconsideration of their decision. Public Policy 

Law Society Recalls Tragic Lessons, Cautions Weah’s Government

Press Release Monrovia – The Liberia Law Society declares as unwarranted, wrong, unacceptable and unnecessary the use of force against peaceful protesters on January 6, 2020 and declares that this signals a reversal in the minimum gains made in consolidating our democratic culture and peace. The Liberia Law Society also supports the position of the Independent Human Rights Commission, The Human Rights Platform and the Inter-religious Council. No government must believe that economic progress and infrastructural development are substitutes for the full enjoyment and happiness of its citizens’ desire to…

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Why are a monopoly, corruption, and undue government interference and control, and regulation always a subculture in Liberia and amongst Liberian officials at all levels?  Why do those who are frequently entrusted with state power in Liberia lack natural patriotism to their own people and country?  These questions are serious, especially so when Liberia faces a nexus of problems that manifest themselves as slow economic growth, high unemployment, social strife, and excruciating marginal poverty. Business 

Liberia wants to give exclusive cocoa shipment rights to Lebanese merchants

  “Private Sector Monopoly for Lebanese Businesses is Counter-Productive to the Pro-Poor Agenda”   By Jones Nhinson Williams Why are a monopoly, corruption, and undue government interference and control, and regulation always a subculture in Liberia and amongst Liberian officials at all levels?  Why do those who are frequently entrusted with state power in Liberia lack natural patriotism to their own people and country?  These questions are serious, especially so when Liberia faces a nexus of problems that manifest themselves as slow economic growth, high unemployment, social strife, and excruciating…

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This year’s 2020 midterm looks promising for us because we are sure we will win the seat.” The aspirant said he frowned on the exorbitant paychecks of Liberian legislators, especially with a population fewer than 5million inhabitants, adding “it beats my imagination to discover that lawmakers are earning so much money in the country when, we do not have the economic muscles to shoulder the cost, and when poverty is so widespread. This is why I am willing to settle for a pay cut of $3,000 as a Senator for Grand Bassa County. That would be 4000 dollars less than what current lawmakers are taking home. After harmonizing their salaries, the Liberian senator makes about 8000 united states dollars. My quest to be a Senator is not to enrich myself. What is counted is my service to my country.” News 

Grand Bassa 2020 Senatorial Candidate Wants Development for and Country

Grand Bassa County Senatorial candidate, Dr. Emmanuel Daykeay, is cautioning the Liberian government to implement the code of conduct vigorously during the upcoming Senatorial 2020 midterm election. The aspirant said, government officials occupying executive positions have thirty days to resign their respective positions before being allowed to contest for electoral offices in the country. Daykeay said he has notified the International Community to keep their watchful eyes on the provisions that violate electoral laws in the Country. “especially so, in respect of the rule of law and more so for…

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Ms. Dos Santos' analysis may be self-serving. But that doesn't necessarily make it wrong. "The economy is now in free-fall. JLo is milking this anti-Dos Santos thing because it's the one thing he's got," said Prof De Oliveira. "But the population is becoming jaded and cynical. His popularity is wearing off and people are asking why is he not going after others. "This is a very focused, targeted [anti-corruption] campaign. [Others] who are as bad as the Dos Santos family… are not touched. So, the hypocrisy is registering with most Angolans. My sense is this is more effective internationally than domestically," he said. Public Policy 

No favors: General Joao Lourenco, President of Angola

    A liberation party stalwart, a veteran of Angola’s long wars, an ambitious but unremarkable Soviet-trained artillery general hand-picked by other generals, a man who would, surely, do nothing to rock the boat. That, at least, appeared to be the plan. When he took over as president of the oil-rich country in 2017 – and soon after as leader of the governing MPLA – the expectation was that he would shake things up a little, introduce cautious economic reforms, root out some corruption in a way that would not…

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LSA strives to offer balanced, informative, and thought-provoking conferences focused on practical and theoretical approaches to development in Liberia, across a broad spectrum of disciplines and contexts. The abstract selection committee includes academic professionals with a range of backgrounds and areas of expertise who are all members of LSA. Society Arts & Leisure 

Liberian Studies Association 2020 Announces Emerging Scholars Award

    Press Release The Liberian Studies Association (LSA) invites abstracts for presentations, panels, and roundtables that examine scholarship related to the conference’s theme of “The Functional State: Historical Lessons, Current Best Practices and Future Paths.” In order to encourage and foster early-career scholars who are emerging as contributors to African/Liberian scholarship, the LSA has created the LSA 2020 Emerging Scholars Travel Award. The award will support Master’s and Doctoral students who are members of an academic, research or professional institution. Those who have graduated with such degrees must have…

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2020 FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup Qualifiers: Liberia 3-0 Guinea Sports 

U20 Women’s World Cup Qualifiers: Liberia drowns Guinea 3-0

It was an amazing weekend of football for Liberians on Sunday, January 19, after the U20 women’s national team secured a 3-0 victory their Guinean counterparts at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) in the ongoing FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup qualifiers. Blanco FC forward, Agatha Nimene scored a hat-trick to give Liberia an advantage ahead of the return leg in Conakry, Guinea. The match, which was marked by an impressive turnout from football fans, saw Liberia taking the lead in the 18th minute through a free-kick that was superbly swung…

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Dr. Nyan is globally recognized for inventing the Rapid Multiplex Pathogen Diagnostic Test (now called, the Nyan-Test), which detects multiple infections in less than an hour. He recently received a US Patent for the invention from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). He is also a former student activist at the University of Liberia and an executive of the Liberia National Students Union who was arrested for pro-democratic activism, imprisoned, and exiled by the Samuel Doe government in 1988. Op-ed 

The Corona-Virus From China: A Potential Health Risk To Liberia, Africa

..Says Prominent Scientist Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan Berlin – Infectious disease expert and prominent scientist, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan has alerted the Liberian and other African governments of a potential public health threat due to the outbreak of new virus infection in China that is now spreading around the world. In a communication to the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) dated January 21, 2020, Dr. Nyan informed the public health institutes about “an outbreak of a Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in the People’s Republic of China that has now…

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This is laughable and mind-boggling. It seems like the highest qualifications required to serve in Weah’s government are incompetence, partisanship, patronage, and fraudulence. Henchman Sayma Syrenius Cephus is a beneficiary of this egregious precedent which continues to ruin our Country. Like Tweah and McGill, so is Cephus. The Republic is in TROUBLE. Patriots must stand up to rescue Liberia from perishing. Op-ed 

Sayma Syrenius Cephus: A Solicitor General or a Scam Genius? – 10 Hard Truths

The new Solicitor General (SG) of Liberia is a full package of fraud who has zero reputation. The SG has a stamp of scam on his forehead and he carries baggage of blemish on his back. Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephus has become an infamous henchman for CDC and president GMW. The fact is, this ‘hit-man’ is a bona fide rascal with a felonious past. Cephus, a maestro hustler, epitomizes blackmail and scheme. He is a byproduct of THE LEGAL PROFESSION who lacks every ounce of integrity and moral decency to…

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The African Union and regional bodies like ECOWAS seem to be Africa's problems on this continent, because not until African countries begin to go up in flames do they start to intervene. These are early warning signs of conflicts, and something genuine needs to be done. The Ecowas and the AU will sit and keep an arms-length against these deteriorating situations in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Gambia and many of the regional countries. In Togo, the President there is also seeking to change the constitution to extend his term, yet African leaders are quiet. Where is the leadership and voice of our continental powers: Nigeria, South Africa, and Ethiopia? Editor's Desk 

The Constitutional Coup In Guinea, Ecowas & AU must say NO to Alpha Conde!

——-E D I T O R I A L The Liberian Listener notes, that as Africa seeks answers to the many issues this continent faces, the least that the African people should be worried about is term extensions by African leaders. In Guinea, this is exactly what is playing out in the West African country, because President Alpha Conde is determined to extend a third term, in violation of the country’s Constitution, yet Ecowas and the African Union are quiet. These days the AU that is controlled by African Presidents…

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Liberians must brace themselves for the future. With Sirleaf protection still in play[ellen Sirleaf demanded protection for she and her cronies and family before she left power, it is rumored she paid off Weah and thus her PROTECTON], Morlu's remarks that if the CDC loses POWER it's partisans and Mr. Weah won't be protected, is also a cause for concerns. The Controversial CDC Chairman made those remarks during the bring back our money campaign. His utterances say even if Weah left power today he might seek protection or Sirleaf post-transition or Presidency arrangements, that now sees her absolved of all crimes or prosecution for PROTECTION. What we have on our hands, is a party---THE CONGRESS FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE, that may not want to leave POWER volunteeringly---and is refusing all attempts to reform the election Commission for an even playing field. The all-important election is headed by Ellen Sirleaf stooge, who is at best controversial and lacks credibility. Op-ed 

The Intolerance of George Weah, and his CDC: Protests & Democracy In Liberia!

The Editor, There were protests yesterday: under Pres. Tolbert (eg. Matthews and the Progressives), Sirleaf (CDC parading caskets and blood stained panties in the streets, which they claimed belong to Madame Sirleaf) and protest under Samuel Doe (esp university students at his throat). Doe particularly hated protests so much, going as far as sending the army on the University of Liberia campus to brutalize students. Under Sirleaf, while she had her reservations, she allowed the Congress Party and George Weah and his people to demonstrate. But under President Weah, there…

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