The political consciousness of the masses, like every phenomenon in the development of nature is not stagnant but in constant flux and is subject to change as they interact with the material world. The forces in tension initially created molecular changes below the surface of the Liberian farce. These changes were not seen with the naked eyes. But now the contradictions have reached a nodal point. They have pierced through the surface and created a seismic shift in the consciousness of the people, producing a qualitative change out of quantitative change. Before the outcome of the by-elections in Montserrado County, this change first expressed itself in the June 7 Protest when thousands of Liberians took to the streets to protest against the economic hardship and unbridled incompetence and corruption of the Weah government. The masses who about two years ago sang as a battle hymn “move on the road the country giant coming again” are now lamenting “George Weah da rogue, we will talk it.” A man once called a “darling black President” is now referred to as a “Generational Traitor”. Things have turn into the opposite. To paraphrase the words of Alan Woods, the illusion in George Weah has evaporated like a drop of water on hot stove.Op-ed 

United States Congressman Brands Monrovia’s Mayor Koigee “Thuggish”


The Editor,


The Real Narrative (“The Thuggish Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee)”. In Defense of Its stray Mayor, the Government of Liberia Response to Congressman Smith is Scapegoating. The GOL response to Congressman Smith’s Statement on the state of affairs in Liberia is extremely embarrassing, marked with fallacies and represent boldface lies from the pit of hell and belly of Satan.

The letter from the government lacks tangible specifics and to a great deal confirms the accusations made against the government by the Congressman. Looking critically at the regime’s description of members of the opposition, religious leaders, the media and others in society that are not dancing to the samba of the despotic administration, you will agree that they have made the democratic space a haven of terror and banditry.

Information Minister Eugene Nagbe should be ashamed of himself for writing such. Rather than counter the Congressman’s statement with facts,  Nagbe engaged himself with the regular political shenanigans in an undiplomatic  communication. It is no secret that law and order is nonexistent in Weah’s Liberia. Acts of gangsterism and banditry by men associated with the Ruling CDC is commonplace with multiple fingers consistently pointed at Major Koijee as the mastermind. The Mayor seems to be a lord unto himself and have also abrogated to himself extra-Judiciary powers, making him the defacto Minister of Justice and head of security in Liberia. One can see that even the Police Director and his deputies take command from Koijee.

Although the Congressman’s statement presents Koijee as a dangerous man who could face sanctions, the government’s statement failed to address those concerns. What is the government’s position on the allegations made against Koijee? Why were they mute on the Koijee issue? This is any man’s guess—– if the claims are true, the GOL has no defense for it. Here are a few cases of thuggery, banditry and hooliganism to which Koijee is linked:

Major Koijee is reported to have led an attack against Cornelia Kruah-Togba and her supporters in District 13 on Saturday, November 17, 2018 leaving several persons badly wounded. The thugs carrying machetes, guns and other deadly weapons reigned terror on peaceful supporters of Sister Kruah and walked away with impunity. The regime remained mute and played a blind eye to the dangerous episode. Going deep into the second year since the attack, the government has failed to launch a comprehensive investigation in that electoral violence and bring the perpetrators to justices.

Many surrogates and apologists with the backing of the regime have institutionalized lawlessness and created a living hell on earth in Liberia. It is apparently a taboo for the government to hold its followers accountable for crimes they commit and this abuse of power has reached new heights.

Additionally, it is no secret that Pres George Weah himself commissioned lawlessness when he launched terrifying verbal attacks on both Abe Darius Dillon and Telia Urey during the by-elections held following the deaths of the late Senator Geraldine Doe Sheriff and Representative Adolph Lawrence. At a campaign rally, President Weah urged his supporters: “Your should flog that little girl”. That statement from the president led his partisans to initiate several attacks against Telia and her supporters, nearly killing her in one instance. Koijee again was accused of being associated with those attacks.

On that fateful Saturday of August 17,2019, men believed to be from squads of the “Zebra Unit, Atlas Forces and Sabu Unit staged deadly attacks on Ms. Urey, brutalizing her supporters and burning her vehicle.

These cases of violence and attacks on opposition political leaders are wrong and should have no space in our emerging democracy. The continuous waves of violence in Liberia is leaving international actors with no other alternatives but to render the Weah Administration a lawless one.

What triggered Rep. Smith asking the government to allow the COP to assemble in a peaceful protest?

Prior to Henry P. Costa’s arrival in the country, the government was clear that they would arrest the organizers of the December 30th assembly and possibly charge them with a capital offense (Treason). Government supporters including hustler Rufus Neufville were parading with thugs and Zogos and calling for counter protest; acts that were sanctioned by the regime.

Finally, Mr. Weah and his band of kleptocrats need to understand that this space called Liberia have come of age. It took the collective struggle of the Progressives to fight against anti- democratic tendencies. There will always be progressive struggles against an imperial Presidency and for social justice and peace. It is good to also remember, that it took the sweat, resources, blood and lives of our West Africa brothers and sisters as well as fellow Liberians many years ago to restore peace to Liberia. I hope the regime takes my observations with honest considerations and change the narratives moving forward.

—–Darlington S. Collins


Main Photo: Top picture, Koigee is seen right, surrounded by his force and men

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