Alaric Tokpa: Malpractices are commonplace at the Election Commission.


Alaric Tokpa Prof. Alaric Tokpa, head of the National Democratic Coalition (NDC) has called for the National Elections Commission (NEC) to be placed on the list of war criminals in memory of Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine who championed the fight against the malpractices at the Elections Commission during the 2017 presidential and legislative elections.

Appearing on Prime FM this morning (Thursday, 5 December 2019), Alaric Tokpa was paying tribute to Cllr. Brumskine when he called attention to the role played by the NEC in bringing war to Liberia and suggested that NEC still has the potential of bringing war to the country due to the electoral malpractices which are commonplace in the Commission.

Historically, said Prof. Tokpa, it was the manipulation of electoral procedures [in the 1985 election] that led to loss of confidence in the democratic process and encouraged the use of violence in the search for political power in Liberia. According to Prof. Tokpa, it will be a gross oversight if the part played by the Elections Commission in causing the outbreak of civil war which claimed more than 250,000 innocent lives in Liberia is ignored.

Prof. Tokpa called particular attention to the unprofessional behavior of Jerome korkoya, the current head of the National Elections Commission.

He therefore called on all campaigners for justice to recognize and focus on the National Elections Commission of the Republic of Liberia.

Released by NDC Press Bureau

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