Liberian Economy Group (LEG) Bella Casa Hotel Sinkor, Monrovia. Cell# 0777516641/088696999 Email: Hon. Albert Chie President Pro-Tempore House of Senate Mr. President Pro-Tempore: Please find attached the Report of the Liberian Economy Group (LEG) on the Current Statement of the Liberian Economy. We of LEG remain confident that the Action Steps indicated in the report, when taken, can lead to the solution of Liberia’s main problem, longstanding and widespread Poverty. Respectfully Yours Liberian Economy Group (LEG) Op-ed 

Loathe, or love them: The progressive intelligentsia killed the TWP caucus politics

    The Editor, Liberia’s forward march to Democratic Governance, and total independence has been a herculean, and gigantic uphill task from the era of 1816, and up to the present. To reach the level we are currently; though not where we ought to be, it took the sweat, blood, tears, and precious lives of thousands of our kiths, kins, and compatriots who struggled unceasingly in the vanguard of political turmoil; stood unwavering test of time, amid insurmountable challenges, and including incessant wars, famine, and slavery, amongst other hostilities. At…

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