Liberia: Alaric Tokpa and NDC Condemn attack on Roots FM




The National Democratic Coalition (NDC) condemns in the strongest terms the attack on Roots FM and free speech in Liberia and therefore calls on all progressive social democrats in Liberia and abroad to step up the campaign for the democratization of Liberia. The Weah government is incapable of sustaining the democratic culture in our homeland. So we have no other choice but to defend, protect, and uphold the image of our great land of liberty.
Yet, this is not the time to agonize; this is not the time to get sad; indeed, this not the time for sorrow. This is the time to MOBILIZE for progressive social change.

Some time ago, I announced to the world (in the name of the progressive community) that a dangerous dictatorship had emerged in Liberia. Some time ago, I announced that the Weah government had passed a death sentence on democracy. Today, those in and outside of government, the psychophants and very dangerous opportunists, and all keen observers of the ongoing drama in central Monrovia bear witness to a reality that confirms our earlier assertions.

Having fought for decades to see genuine change in our country, this is not what we want to see, this is not what we hope for. However, as unfortunate as it is, what do we see in Liberia today? Thus, no other choice have we but to MOBILIZE against the excesses of this government of the past…a government that has crumbled under its own weight, such that an earlier prediction of the social democratic community has so suddenly come to pass like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Alaric Tokpa



National Chairman NDC


Main Photo: Alaric Tokpa,

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