Kimathi, who used to write letters to negotiate with the colonial government from his hideout, further told the court that a pistol that was found on him was given to him in April 1955 by a man called Macharia Kimemia to defend himself against some members of Mau Mau who wanted him dead. Op-ed 

Dedan Kimathi Kenyan hero was executed after his own people ratted him to British—Liberian Listener

    Dedan Kimathi was in the 1950s seen as a terrorist by the British after leading the Mau Mau Uprising, an armed military struggle against the colonial regime in Kenya. But for many Kenyans, Kimathi has always been that hero who gave the British a hell of a time that would eventually pave the way towards the country’s independence. His group, the Mau Mau began as the Land and Freedom Army (KLFA), a militant Kikuyu, Embu and Meru army which sought to reclaim land that the British settlers had…

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