Achebe’s writings are truly a watershed moment for all of Africa


The Editor,

Africans from all walks of life today are proud of the meaningful role Chinua Achebe played as a writer; his pan African books did much to awaken the consciousness of his peoples. If it wasn’t for Achebe narratives it would be hard to say where our literature would have been today, given that the imperialists’, were always interested in suppressing Africa’s and its people, while feeding us a one dimensional chronicle as a way of drowning our voices, his books change that. Achebe’s would go on to inspire a new generation of writers that followed his footsteps, and also cognizant of our culture and history, these writers would do much more to give our readings and literature a new meaning.

Achebe’s ink is definitely a liberating sojourn that have dipped in the middle of the river from his humble beginnings in Nigeria, spreading thus across Africa and the world at large; I personally admired his brilliance and his indelible contribution in behalf of Africa—to world literature. Achebe also played a major role in the liberation of Africa and its peoples; not by using bullets, or force of arms but language and story telling. We celebrate Achebe because he used the ink as fearless solider for Africa, standing tall as a Pan-African revolutionary writer to defend the people of Africa as he told the story of his peoples across many oceans.

Achebe’s writings are truly a watershed moment for all of Africa, he was a courageous individual and revolutionary writer. His dramatic impact on the development of our literature is exceptional and a rare gift. It is never a dull moment reading his first novel “THINGS FALL APART” it has left a lasting footprint on the historical and literary landscape of Africa and his students, and this is one of the reasons, we keep saying the ideas of revolutionaries don’t die.

While it is true there are other books that were written by Achebe such as: NO LONGER AT EASE [1960], ARROW OF GOD [1964], A MAN OF THE PEOPLE[1966] and the many other inspirational writings he left us, we must always pause to note that his books are critical to the African thought and the scholarship that has inspire the ideological leanings that have made many Pan-Africans proud.  We there paid this tribute to remember this great son of Africa, as we celebrate his contributions to the motherland.


About the author: Comrade Romeo Famuleh is a Liberian Pan-African and belongs Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP) where he is serving as the Assistant Secretary General. Cde Famuleh believes in a united Africa for the total liberation of all its peoples.

Main Photo: This 2010 photo provided by Brown University shows Chinua Achebe on campus in Providence, R.I. Achebe, an internationally celebrated Nigerian author, statesman and dissident, died at age 82. He joined Brown University in 2009 as a professor of languages and literature. (AP Photo/Brown University, Mike Cohea)

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