• The open threat made by President Weah on the very eve of the protest to ruthlessly crush critical voices who expose him and his mental weakness and for whom he is and for what they are: a leader with no foresight but with the revolting penchant for theft on an infamous scale, who is incapable of making generalization, who has no original thought on anything, and who has an underdeveloped brain for reasoning but yet fenced himself with mediocrities and simpletons. Op-ed 

No To The Hypocrisy Of The ECOWAS!

    The Editor, Following the success of day 1 of the protest action held by the Council of Patriots (COP), the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) released a statement in Monrovia, frowning on the Council of Patriots (COP) for refusing to submit its petition to the government of Liberia, even in the face of the bridge of the agreement by the GOL that the Vice President of Liberia in Jewel Howard Taylor would descend on the grounds of the protest to receive the petition from the COP…

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There is still much for Siakam to improve in his game — the Warriors have harassed him into a couple of untimely turnovers, and they were likely to foist all-defensive team forward Draymond Green on him more often. But having already dealt with the defence of Philadelphia’s Joel Embiid and Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo in the last two rounds of the playoffs, it’s not going to rattle Siakam. Sports 

Bullet In Their Arsenal: Raptors Pascal Siakam

  How the Raptors’ Pascal Siakam sheds playoff pressure like opposing defenders   For all his frenetic play — the spin moves around the basket to create space where it seems none exists, to the grab-it-and-go rebounding style that adds a much-needed dimension to the Toronto Raptors offence — the mind of Pascal Siakam remains calm and analytical.In this breakout season, the 25-year-old third-year forward has emerged as a true force throughout the NBA because he’s always been able to figure things out and meet whatever challenge he sees. The…

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