Those confirmed are Gbezohngar Findley, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nathaniel McGill, Minister of States for Affairs and Samuel Tweh, Minister of Finance and Development Planning.News 

Liberia’s Foreign Policy Lacks Focus

By Socrates Saywon

Liberia’s foreign minister Gbehzohngar Findley have been accused of lacking the requisite qualifications to lead Liberian foreign policy agenda in an era when an experience policy expert or a diplomat is needed to help the country navigate the complex web of negotiating Liberia’s future with bilateral and multilateral organizations. These assertions were made by Emmanuel Robertson, arguing, “Liberia’s foreign policy is not at a level where it should be. Minister Gbehzohngar Finley does not have requisite credentials to push this country’s foreign policy forward. If the President means well, he needs to get rid of Min. Finley out of the Foreign Ministry.”

Speaking with Smart News on Thursday, May 30, 2019, in Monrovia, Robertson said further, that President George Weah needs to appoint a qualified Liberian Diploma in order for the country to have a better representation in the international circle, saying that since the appointment of Min. Finley, the minister has failed in every department, as head of the Foreign Ministry to lift Liberia’s foreign policy goals.

Emmanuel, a former stalwart of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) emphasized that Min. Finley is contributing to the country’s failure, and by that, the President needs to think wisely and replace Min. Finley, “Liberia is not fully represented among ECOWAS nations. Robertson said. “Our country is going down the drain because of the failed leadership ability of Min. Finley, he needs to leave the ministry or else the country’s image under the leadership of President Weah will not improve in the international arena Emmanuel Robertson stressed.

Min. Gbehzohngar Findley, joined the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), having crossed over from the former ruling party–Unity Party; he was among the first cabinet nominees released few hours by President Weah after taking his oath of office on Monday, January 22, 2017. And Findley’s confirmation by the senate was speedy. His confirmation hearing was done earlier in the day on Wednesday, January 24, by the Senate’s Committee on Foreign Affairs and by the evening, news filtered in that he had been confirmed. Findley was a close confidante of former president Ellen Sirleaf, with reports suggesting he move over to the CDC at Sirleaf’s behest.

“In this dispensation,” sad Robertson, “where ECOWAS and the international community is not relating to the country positively as compare to the last administration, then something has to be done by the President to have a better working relationship with ECOWAS and the comity of nations. reports say, Weah is yet to receive any official visit from any world leader since he became president, he is also to make any manifold foreign policy speech or positively assert Liberia’s interests abroad since he became president.

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Anita Jallah

According to him, the country needs a foreign minister who can better relate to the outside world, so that country’s interests can be recognized or respected in the rest of Africa and the world; he warned, if the President doesn’t leave out friendship in his administration, the country foreign policy will continue to be a failure.“How will foreign partners take our country serious, when Min. Finley appointed a high school graduate at the Liberian embassy in Washington DC.

Recently “reports are coming out from the Liberian Embassy in Washington DC [which] says Pres. George Weah [through the foreign ministry, perhaps based on Findley’s recommendation]  appointed an inexperienced teenager identified as Anita Jallah, as ‘third Secretary at the Liberian Embassy In Washington DC. According to the report by online news magazine West African Journal Magazine, the appointment of the non-experienced Liberian diplomat at a strategic international diplomatic location has risen eyebrows across Liberian communities in the United states of America…with a source at the Foreign Ministry in Monrovia, hinting that Ms. Jallah is the daughter of a senior Protocol Officer in the office of President George Manneh Weah, Norah Finda Bundoo.

Ms. Anita D. Jallah, 20 year old, is a recent graduate of the St Teresa’s Convent Catholic High School in Monrovia and has no professional experience in diplomacy. According to the west African Journal Magazine’ source, Ms. Jallah left the country about [two months] ago to take up assignment at the Embassy in Washington. She was picked up at the airport taken to the Embassy and briefly introduced to mission staff but has not been seen since. The source explained that her position falls within the category of those non-career appointees who are conferred diplomatic status to facilitate their work.”

Robertson also accused the minister of employing relatives at the ministry who, according to him, are badly running the affairs of the ministry, stressing, “The ministry is being occupied with the minister’s tribesmen, and other unqualify personnel. The minister needs diplomas who are competent to run the minister in order to have positive results, adding “if the President continues to downplay the many advises to hired competent Liberians and doesn’t strengthen his foreign policy agenda, no country will take his administration serious.

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