At a fund raising program last week, members of the Female Journalists Association of Liberia (FEJAL) were surprised by the President who made the donation. The newly constructed headquarters, a bus and deed to 2.5 acres of land were presented to FEJAL in fulfillment of his promise when President Weah was then a Senator.Op-ed 

The Press Union Of Liberia Must Expel Fejal


An Open Letter


The Editor,

1. We are appalled, that the Female Journalist Association of Liberia (Fejal), in complete contrast and contravention to its so-called advocacy and as members, or auxiliary of the Liberian press corps have accepted an office building supposedly constructed by Mr. George Weah as he allegedly plunders state resources. Fejal must note that as of today, George Weah has refused to make his assets public, he has refused to answer or respond to the Liberian people to lead the public sector in dictates with the constitution and best practices of the land and is thereby leading by fiat, to therefore accept a gift from him, is a slap in the face to everything Fejal claims to stand for.

2. The Female Journalist Association or Fejal, must be accordingly expelled from the Press Union of Liberia with immediate effect, if they accept any gift from Mr. George Weah who is the current President of Liberia. Weah’s gesture is a divide and rule trick. The Press Union of Liberia has boycotted several meetings called by Mr. Weah to cajole the press union to have it compromised its principles—-given the hate speech that comes from his immediate aides and Ministers regarding the order of free press in Liberia. For these female journalists to accept these gifts: A newly constructed building, a cash bounty and brand new Hyundai bus from Mr. Weah speak to rapacious greed on the part of Fejal to compromise the journalistic tenets and ethics for which it has been known over these years.

3. The Weah led government cannot account for 25million United States Dollars as we speak. For Fejal to pretend, that it is not aware that a recently internationally commissioned audit and Weah’s own govt commissioned audit says he and his administration can not account for this money that belongs to the Liberian people, in addition to the 16billion dollars whose misapplication is still shrouded in mystery cannot be swept under the rug. Fejal will be adding insults to injury by accepting a gift from Weah, estimated at about 100, 000.00 United States dollars, given these conditions narrated above.

4. We condemned in the strongest terms the Association of Liberian Journalists in the United States or Ajal, headed by one Moses Sandy, that his organization applauds this gift to the Fejal, thus it is worthwhile to note that everything his organization stood against in the past is tantamount to fraud should his organization not retract the statement immediately. We must remind Mr. Sandy, that he and his organization is about to lose all credibility, given this latest unfortunate press statement issued by him. We call on the independent media in Liberia and all international partners doing business with Fejal to pressure it to refuse this gift from George Weah or it must lose respectability. Fejal cannot pretend it is not aware of the contradictions in Mr. Weah’s style of governance in Liberia and the loot which accompanies his govt actions towards the poor Liberian people and his plundering of state resources.

 5. Finally, if the Press Union of Liberia refuses to expelled Fejal, its members, and esp its President Siatta Johnson from its ranks, the Press Union of Liberia will therefore also be held in contempt by the Liberian people and seen as being in collusion with Fejal and will also be held culpable for Fejal’s actions. The Liberian media cannot and must not be used by Mr. George Weah as a canopy or folder canister for his corrupt deals in the Republic of Liberia. The GREED AND INTRANSIGENCE being exhibited currently by Fejal is appalling, disappointing and completely unfortunate. Thanks for allowing me to express my views on the platform

—Biko Kokolo

Main Pic/Siatta Johnson/Fejal

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