Who is managing our gold and diamond fields and how much do they worth? Where does the revenue go? Who is managing our forests and how much do our logs worth? Where does the revenue go? Who is managing our Maritime program and how much do we make? Where does the revenue go? How much do we generate from the Freeport of Monrovia? Op-ed 

Equal Justice And Rule Of Law Replaced With Impunity

    There is no question majority of us Liberians don’t recognize and understand that most of the distressing consequences the entire country faces stem from immoral governance decisions of our political leaders. We have celebrated 171 years on July 26, 2018 and have nothing tangible to match our age in terms of livelihood improvement with matching needs for majority of Liberians. Evidently, making ends meet is beyond the reach of the majority and meeting daily survival for them is at the mercy of nature. This has become acceptable norm…

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Martin continued: “President Weah and Min. Nathaniel McGill hired and paid ex-Rebel Generals to forcibly arrest Hon. Kolubah. Who are they to give an elected official a 72-hour ultimatum to report himself or risk being dragged?” News 

“Gone Are The Days Of Dictatorship”

    Youth and Student leader activist, Martin K. N. Kollie has described recent actions by ex-rebel generals as embarrassing, and such actions by the ex-rebel generals shouldn’t be encouraged by Liberians. He said the ex-rebel general are hired and paid by the Weah-led administration to instigate havoc and lawlessness among peaceful citizens. Making the statement over the weekend in Monrovia, Martin said that the democratic gains of the country are fast diminishing under ex-Soccer Star President Weah and that it is time for patriots and nationalists to stand in…

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