eNCA (DStv 403) is adding to its staffer ranks with Faith Daniels and Aldrin Sampear joining the South African TV news channel. Faith Daniels will join eNCA from June as national assignments editor, while Adrin Sampear joins eNCA as a reporter. Faith Daniels joined Kagiso Media two and a half years ago in January 2016 as head of news for its Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio radio stations. Aldrin Sampear joins eNCA from the South African public broadcaster's SABC News division. on 11:43:00 AM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: Aldrin Sampear, ENCA, Faith Daniels Newer Post Older Post Home Search This Blog Op-ed 

The Aldrin Samper eCNA interview that Pissed Off Ellen Sirleaf

    South African broadcast journalist, Aldrin Sampear few days ago interviewed former Liberian President, Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, in Johannesburg. The interview which has gone viral on Liberian social media sites and shares from personal pages, saw and an angry President Sirleaf leaving the set in an outburst, telling Sampear, she didn’t go to South Africa to discussed “Liberian politics.” President Sirleaf is in SA, to commemorate the 25th annivessary since the 1994 elections that brought Mandela to power. Sampear pointedly asked why she supported Charles Taylor. Sirleaf admitted…

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Liberian Roots Shaped Redskins Pick Kelvin Harmon

    Newly drafted Washington Redskins wide receiver Kelvin Harmon does not remember much about his time in Liberia — he came to the United States when he was four years old — but he points to his Liberian ancestry for teaching him to work hard and be spiritual, two things he prides himself on. He also credits his father for helping instill the values of commitment and sacrifice in him as the family struggled culturally and financially upon moving to the U.S. These experiences and lessons have shaped Harmon,…

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The UN Envoy expressed commitment to working with the Liberian Government in achieving the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development. However, he noted that UN adheres strictly to its fiduciary standards to safeguard UN funds against misuse and integrity risks. News 

Liberia: United Nations Threatened To Withhold Funds

    MONROVIA – The United Nations has warned the George Weah administration of financial malfeasance and mismanagement of UN funds, citing the failure on the part of the government to provide timely and accurate reports on UN-funded programs. The caveat was contained in a communication from the UN Resident Coordinator, Yacoub El Hillo to the Minister of State, Nathaniel McGill. The letter is dated April 25, 2019. According to the UN Envoy, over the last few months, “several [UN] agencies have experienced challenges in getting timely and accurate reports…

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In an effort to formally call Government's attention to the unfortunate situation of students in the Kingdom of Morocco, 43 Students gathered at the Liberian Embassy this week in a quest to have their plights addressed by the Ambassador. We have made every effort to speak with the Ambassador ,but the Ambassador maintained that he will not speak to the general student body as he is not the one accountable for Students allowances. Op-ed 

Mary Broh: Liberians Deserve Better Our People Are Suffocating

  OPEN LETTER LETTER TO MARY BROH   Dear Mary Broh, I wanted to speak with you privately before going public, but as always, it will be a taboo for you to call me. I understand you  are asking for, concerned and is troubled about my criticism  against President George Weah. You even characterized my constructive engagements against President Weah as “INSULT”. This is a wrong misconception and wrong misrepresentation. I have always maintained that I personally do not hate George Weah. What I have said is that I detest,…

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Nigeria, the most populous black nation on Earth, is on the brink of collapse. The machineries that make a nation exist, let alone succeed, have all eroded. One might argue that the nation’s creation by self-seeking white imperialists engendered its failure from the beginning, as I did in my recent novel. But this is only a part of the cause. A culture of incompetence, endemic corruption, dignified ineptitude, and, chief among all, destructive selfishness and greed has played a major role in its unravelling. The same, sadly, can be said for most other African nations. States like Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea are farcical democracies ruled by men who exclusively cater to their interests and those of their clipped circles. Op-ed 

There Are No Successful Black Nations

“And the indignity and helplessness of blacks in America won’t end until we have a first-world African nation to lift up our people.”   By Chigozie Obioma In the wake of fresh deaths at the hands of police officers in the world’s greatest nation, we, the people of the black race, are once again the object of renewed worldwide attention. Questions of injustice in the United States have been duly raised and protested. And, once again, the black cultural elites in America have seized various platforms to air their grievances…

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We are not alone. Africa, Asia, the free peoples and the peoples fighting for their freedom in all corners of the world will always be side by side with the millions of Congolese who will not give up the struggle while there is even one colonialist or colonialist mercenary in our country. Op-ed 

Lumumba’s Last letter To Wife Before His Assassination

    Congolese politician and first Prime Minister of the independent Democratic Republic of Congo Patrice Emery Lumumba was assassinated on this day in 1961 at the age of 36. The United States, United Nations and former colony Belgium were complicit in his murder as they looked on while he was tortured despite letters he wrote for protection during the Congo Crisis. He fought against colonialism and found an alliance in the Soviet Union which is believed to be the reason the Western allies refused to help him. Lumumba transformed…

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At a fund raising program last week, members of the Female Journalists Association of Liberia (FEJAL) were surprised by the President who made the donation. The newly constructed headquarters, a bus and deed to 2.5 acres of land were presented to FEJAL in fulfillment of his promise when President Weah was then a Senator. Op-ed 

The Press Union Of Liberia Must Expel Fejal

  An Open Letter   The Editor, 1. We are appalled, that the Female Journalist Association of Liberia (Fejal), in complete contrast and contravention to its so-called advocacy and as members, or auxiliary of the Liberian press corps have accepted an office building supposedly constructed by Mr. George Weah as he allegedly plunders state resources. Fejal must note that as of today, George Weah has refused to make his assets public, he has refused to answer or respond to the Liberian people to lead the public sector in dictates with…

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ALJA says the gesture is unprecedented in the history of Liberia’s journalism. The Association thanked the President for the magnanimity. In a press release issued on April 24, 2019, ALJA also, commended Mr. Weah for the 10 seaters bus donated to FeJAL for operational purposes; and all those including Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, who attended and contributed generously to the Association’s headquarters fundraiser held on April 20, 2019, at the Monrovia City Hall. Op-ed 

ALJA Applauds Weah’s Donations to FeJAL,

    New Castle, Delaware -The Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA) has extolled President George Manneh Weah, for his recent construction and donation of a modern edifice to the Female Journalists Association of Liberia (FeJAL) as its headquarters. ALJA says the gesture is unprecedented in the history of Liberia’s journalism. The Association thanked the President for the magnanimity. In a press release issued on April 24, 2019, ALJA also, commended Mr. Weah for the 10 seaters bus donated to FeJAL for operational purposes; and all those including Vice…

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In the case of Singapore, it was their geostrategic positioning between a developed West and a developing East. By harnessing labour and later human capital development, they succeeded in positioning the country as a hub for shipping, and later finance and services, transforming Singapore from a fishing village to a global power-house. Today Singapore is ranked 4th on the Global Financial Centres Index which assesses five key areas of business environment, financial sector development, infrastructure factors, human capital and reputation. Business News 

How to make South Africa rich

    EDINBURGH — When Nelson Mandela became president in 1994, South Africans were brimming with optimism about the future. The country has vast mineral and human resources. But, instead of post-apartheid leaders ensuring that South Africa would ratchet up the league table of countries with the best economic growth, as China managed to achieve when it shook off the legacy of Chairman Mao from the 1980s, South Africa’s political heavyweights focused on self-enrichment. Years of corruption and mismanagement have taken their toll, with economic growth in steady decline since 2000. Now that the…

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Anytime our government reduces the MARKET rate of Liberian dollars to US$, it will result in the creation of black markets, where people go to exchange their weaker currency (Liberian Dollar) for the stronger currency (U.S. Dollar) or vice visa. Op-ed 

Foreign Exchange Rate Reduction in Liberia

The Editor, Would a foreign exchange rate reduction, imposed by government, help chicken feet sellers in Liberia?  Please!  (Re “Reduce U.S. Rate, Not Chicken Feet”). When the price of something is “too high”, many people think that the answer is for the government to “do something” to force the price down (price control). But anyone who knows history or have taken economics 101 know that long lines, shortages, and black market are common in countries where the government have force down prices (price controls)! Anytime our government reduces the MARKET…

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