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Sobukwe: The president South Africa never had

Round about this time 93 years ago, on 5 December 1924 to be precise, greatness was born out of the savage oppression of the Africans and out of that oppression it grew like a giant. Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe was one of the greatest leaders that the black race ever produced, especially considering the conditions and circumstances of his time. Like any other great fellow before him, he is simply known, in history, as Sobukwe The Great. As a president of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC), he left a…

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Cameroon Escalates Military Crackdown on Anglophone Separatists

YAOUNDE (Reuters) – Cameroon’s government has ordered thousands of villagers to leave their homes in the Anglophone Southwest region as it deploys troops to root out armed separatists who have vowed to loosen President Paul Biya’s long grip on power. The deployment marks an escalation of Biya’s year-long crackdown on peaceful protests in the English-speaking Northwest and Southwest regions that has killed dozens of civilians and forced thousands to flee their homes in fear of reprisals. Now, the government is using force to confront an insurgency that has sprung up…

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