To me, this action on the part of the minister is an insult to the Liberian masses. The average Liberian lives on less than US$1.00 a day. McGill's loan to acquire a mansion, sends a bad message to everyone and solidifies the notion that the only quick way to get rich is working for government. This action on the part of the Minister of state undermines the "Pro-poor Agenda" News Politics 

George Weah’s CDC To Put Taylor’s Agenda Back On The Table

  Monrovia – On April 12, 2005, U.S. Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA-40) introduced a Congressional resolution [H.Con. Res 127] calling on Nigeria to turn over the former Liberian President Charles Taylor to the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL). In 2003, Taylor was granted asylum by Nigeria if he agreed to end his involvement in Liberian politics. He was exiled in Calabar, the capital of Nigeria’s southeastern Cross River State. It was the Connecticut lawmaker’s push, along with that of then Senator Barack Obama that eventually forced the hand of…

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