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Winston Tubman’s Endorsement of Alexander Cummings Is A Proud One

By P Nimely-Sie Tuon

On August 31, 2017, many Liberians, on social media, at home and around the world, were fixated on the news that Clr. Winston A Tubman, two times presidential candidate, a national statesman and career diplomat, has endorsed Alexander Cummings, the candidate who is the embodiment of all the attributes of the kind of leader Liberia has yearned for so long.

You can say all that you want to say about Winston Tubman, his endorsement of Alexander Cummings is consistent with many of his long held principles of rejecting violence and corruption. Clr Tubman in the past two post war elections Liberian has been the only anti-violence candidate who has taken Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to task as the “queen” of Liberia’s conflicts and after the two past elections Tubman stayed away from the Sirleaf-Boakai Administration to kept his integrity in tact.

Many of those who are criticizing Tubman for his endorsement of Alexander Cummings were the foot soldiers of Sirleaf-Boakai regime in the trenches defending some of the disastrous policies of the regime to ensure its longevity for their own benefits. Many of them are still on the prowl. When you read all the commentaries, pro or against, about the Tubman endorsement, the words corruption or violence are not being mentioned. Because Winston Tubman is not a violent perpetrator or a corrupt individual.

On the other hand, his endorsement was not going to a violent perpetrator non a corrupt individual. Alexander Cummings is known as the only candidate in the 2017 Liberian presidential race with clean hands and also with the clear set of ideas to move Liberia forward. Consistent with Winston Tubman non-violent principles and his passion for justice, who is best suited for his endorsement? His fellow Marylander, Alexander B. Cummings, of course. This what makes this endorsement a deeply proud one. One that will strengthen Liberia’s forwards movement.

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Cummings hits the streets on the campaign trail /

Look at some of those endorsing Joseph Boakai, George Weah, Charles Brumskine, and the rest. And look at who they are embracing. They include violent perpetrators and corrupt individuals. All the criticisms of the Tubman endorsement of the Alexander Cummings are from people who don’t like Alexander Cumming any way and have ill-feelings towards his campaign. As a result, their opinions don’t matter. They can write all the commentaries and all the analysis they want. This is the type of commentary or analysis that matter right now. A commentary or analysis that speaks daringly to the truth.

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