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Legislative Mercenary Impeachment Proceedings

A recent petition by a handful of disgruntled lawmakers (Senators Dan Morais, Peter Coleman and Jim Tornolah, and Representatives George Mulbah and Numene Bartekwah), calling for the impeachment of three Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of Liberia for judicial opinion which the Associate Justices recently rendered in the latest Code of Conduct case, is misguided, unthoughtful, violates Article 73 of the Liberian Constitution, and is reminiscent of political mercenerism – an attempt to arm-twist the judiciary in discharge of its duties. Article 73 provides, “No judicial official shall be…

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Who Will Be the Fighting President?

Dear presidential candidates: The Liberian people are looking for a fighting president. The fighting president is the one who is willing to fight to give all Liberians equal fighting chance for better livelihoods. He or She is the one who is willing to summon a new dawn to mark a renewed beginning for Liberia by ending the “semi-godly presidency” and the “oligarchy governance structure” in the country. Which of you is the one? Our founding purpose is clear, which was and still is building a country of strong institutions not…

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