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‘Poverty Doctor’ Wants Quality Education For Liberia

We will work to create a conducive atmosphere for learning and [will commit] resources to train teachers Monrovia — In the wake of fixing the educational mess president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf spoke about in the past and improving the broken down economy of Liberia, the political leader of the Movement for Economy Empowerment (MOVEE) has prescribed policy his leadership will put in place to improve the two. Serving as keynote speaker at program marking the induction ceremony of officers elect of the University of Liberia Student Union (ULSU), Dr. J.…

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The Cummings-Sulunteh ticket poised to emerge victorious

The Editor, As the Cummings-Sulunteh ticket poised to emerge victorious on 10-10-17 it will bring with it a legislature that will also be ANC-led. The Cummings-Sulunteh ticket is doing many things that have never been done before in any Liberian election. Some of the things include a vetting process to ensure that quality candidates are chosen for the Liberian legislature on the ANC ticket as to ensure the sweeping reforms the Cummings-Sulunteh administration will be proposing are passed into law. ANC and the Cummings-Sulunteh ticket are traveling deep inside Liberia’s…

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Review: Jabbeh Wesley’s When The Wanderers Come Home

When the Wanderers Come Home is a grieving love letter to Liberia, a country that contains her story By Bidisha SK Mamata In Patricia Jabbeh Wesley’s powerful When the Wanderers Come Home, the search for a place of arrival, self-recognition and remembrance continues, but doesn’t find a resting place. Wesley was born in Liberia but settled in America; this pained and poignant collection focuses on her return to the former. She traces relatives, interviews women war survivors and figuratively and literally searches through the detritus of violence, poverty and natural…

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