Say no to division – Say YES to unity

The Editor,

This piece is in response to all those preaching division in our beloved country. The only way to develop democratically is to allow citizens to freely exercise the right to vote and have their voices heard on the ballots. Citizens should not be influenced by divisive politics. We sit and criticize the government, the president, the president’s cabinet, but yet most of us continue to preach hatred, this upcoming election is one of the most important decisions Liberians will make to move their country forward.

Eugene L. Fahngon you claim to be a true son of Liberia, and you claim to be someone who understands the politics of the country but yet you sit in the comfort of your home and continue to preach division in Liberia. Rest assured, your divisive politics will not yield any fruitful result, it will come to naught. As far as Liberians are concerned they will be voting for political parties or political leaders of their choice and not based on ethnic lines, as you want us to believe. There is no ticket in the elections that says congua or native/country. Therefore, you will be the only one voting “country.” The truth is Joseph N. Boakai will put Liberian first, when elected, and he will serve all Liberians at home and abroad equally. He is neither native/country nor is he congua. He is a Liberian first. Charles W. Brumskine and the rest of the candidates are all Liberians first and Liberians last; none of them are congua or native/country. Everyone wants the same thing for Liberia, development, movement from a third world status, empowerment of Liberians, provision of basic necessities of life, etc… but none of that will happen if we continue to divide Liberians against each other. The most powerful weapon we have in this election as Liberians is our votes. I strongly urge you Eugene to stop preaching division among our people. This is not what Bomi people are known for.

To all my fellow Liberians at home and in the diaspora please, please, please, do not listen to anyone who is preaching division among us. I urge you to vote for the candidate who you think will make the changes that Liberia deserves. You should be ashamed of yourself Eugene L. Fahngon for trying to divide our people. Your plan will fail.
Say no to division – Say YES to unity.

T. Flomo Gibson
phoenix, Arizona

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