A call to vote out incumbents in October

  The editor, In my opinion, in this October 10, 2017 general and presidential elections, the Liberian people should vote out all incumbents.   The reason is simple. To teach a lesson and to send a message that the power of authority belong and lie in the hands of the Liberian people. The Constitution allows you, the Liberian people to do exactly what I am suggesting. My opinion is not out of hatred or preference for anyone, or any particularly group for the reason that the circumstances under review in Liberia…

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The Critical Role of Liberian Women in Society

By Josephus Moses Gray It is imperative for a liberal society such as ours to encourage women, to enhance the growth and development of the society, so as to enable them excel. Any society that downplays the ability of women and that continues to subscribe to outdated beliefs which prohibit the advancement of women such society will always be at conflict with itself. Giving the information gathered during this research, it is all clear that women have become victims of not only war but of so many unfortunate practices that…

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