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The Carbonaria Kingdom: A short story

Synopsis Peppered moths are polymorphous insects that usually appear dark or light-colored. And, depending on whether they live in a polluted region or not, one or the other form will thrive. In polluted regions, the dark-colored peppered moths, known as carbonaria, thrive because they use the soot-covered trees to camouflage from birds that prey on them. Hence, the more polluted a region, the more the carbonaria peppered moths. A writer discovers parallels between this phenomenon and his homeland, a place crawling with lepidopterous gargoyles masquerading in the polluted corridors of officialdom to plunder its resources and feast in gluttonous opulence, while the people perish from genocidal poverty. He, therefore, writes a storyabout an allegorical kingdom ruled by a carbonaria king determined to keep it mired in soot so that it may continue to flourish after a devastating attack by birds.The Carbonaria Kingdom

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